Saturday, August 29, 2009


Allen, Cecilia, and I painted the backdrop for the show we had on Wednesday. These are the pictures from the process.
The backdrop was mainly sketched by Allen. Him and Cecilia went to the store with Philly and bought paint and fabric and stuff to hang it with for the show.

The show was based around our interaction with the bus system here - Diablo Rojos. The throughline of our show was that everyone was on the bus. People spit poems on it or got off at their stop and did so. It was ill. Dom had a piece about language, Cecilia spit as the folks who get on the bus, give a mini sermon, and collect coins, Jair a piece about missing home, Kim and Ben a love poem performed as a letter being read and Ben playing guitar, Kelsey and Sofia back to back about breaking and speaking without words, Danez sang a SONG about language and being aprehensive about speaking, AND Blaire spit a lil verse bout language and history.

Therefore we came up with the idea for the backdrop to reinforce the bus theme. We also included a historical landmark (The Bridge of the Americas -, historical figure (Theodore Roosevelt -, the skyline, and instruments. The bright colors were chosen wisely. The outcome was a vibrant, live image to our show. It expressed the history and story telling aspects that we have experienced and demonstrated the artistic expression that comes along with cotidiana.

The instruments were Allen, bridge Ceci and skyline myself. I taped the show from Tuesday but Chris took the camera (which was his) with him when he left the COUNTRY! So, thats gon hopefully get to me some time in life. For the show Kim Anh made the entire program. It was beautiful! It took her too many laboring hours though. She also made the flyer for the show which was just as outstanding. I see us handling business. All aspects.

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