Friday, June 11, 2010


They say humans are very talented and have the ability to do many tasks at once. Yet Dom and I would argue Sofia fails at that. Anyways, Sofia is NOT the point. What I want to say is something about how humans cannot process and take-in at the same time. Someone like Dom would also argue this statement but, what I want to say is I cannot process everything I am taking in right now because I am a human who is not talented in that area. I think it takes a very skilled individual. Or perhaps a very experienced one. But, right now, for the last 2 weeks I have been living, feeling, and loving every breath here in The Republic of Panama without wanting to process how I feel. What I want to say is, I haven't written much here because that would require processizationism.


Dom and I fly out tomorrow @ 1:55pm. In less than however many hours I refuse to count, we will be saying "see you soon" to everything we've lived for the past casi un ano. In less than however many more breaths of our second home we will take in - this time, we will be walking through airport security with our suitcases and our experience, heavy but full of life. In who cares what length of measurable anything, we will be looking at this country from a plane; something many of our family here has never done. In whenever, we will shed tears but refuse to shed skin; we will look at eachother, or out the window, or at the drink cart slugging down the aisle; we will think about random, specific, moments that touched us somewhere important; we might ask ourselves questions, or rememer something we were supposed to do, but, none of it will matter, not really; we will be going to our first home, where our second home will be brought through us. Heart is where home is where heart is home is heart.