Saturday, February 27, 2010

Buenos Dias to ya!

Im here lyin in bed like a lazy, maybe even a crazy, or just a boba. Listen, we have been getting it over here and I've yet to tell you any off it. My apologies. This is what i gotta do:
1. cuenta ya about carnavales
2. give ya some photos
3. tell u about the feria
4. put up more old fotos from last semester
word...and probably more cosas too but for now, imma work on that.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Eric Lima-Limon
**On this very day right hur, right now, he was brought into the world...
and that my friends, is a big deal...
SO, i hope you, like many of us right here, celebrated this joyous occasion.

thank you thank you thank you

fw fam

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I know, I know, I think someone's been growing too...
Trying to stretch themselves a little teensy weensy bit taller,
or older,
or wiser...

And on this day,
we will all proudly, with smiles on our faces,
look her in the eye (pick one) with love and
Sofia A.
(I am not sure if she wants the final destination
aka truth of her middle name revealed)

Why you may ask: Well on this very hot day (in PTY - haha Wisconsin and Boston - take that take that!) of February the 22nd in the year of 1989 a very special tiny lady was born. Some called her Snow others called her Arepita and a select few called her Sofeezy. No one actually called her by her true name; I know, weird. Well, it just so happens that this goddess of a child is still alive today!!!! So as is tradition, we simply must conglomerate the masses and commemorate her being!

Of course. Por supuesto!

So to do so we will be meeting in our crib in Panama City, Republic of Panama today. Come through whenever you can. Fly over, swim through, train, bike, truck, stop, drop and roll...any way you can get here go ahead and do that!
Aren't they just so cute when they're 21?!?!?!
Remember 2 say:
"You've grown so much!"
So as some of yall may know in August I (Alida) tore my ACL and meniscus while here in Panama. I was playing soccer. I got surgery fo free cuz we covered by the Study Abroad program @ UW, which was a blessing. Well, on Friday I had to get some more surgery. I got some scar tissue removed because it was irritating my knee and causing inflamation. They went in with cameras, orthoscopic style, and we even got a DVD of what they were doing in side my knee. Well, after this I came home. Or rather, Philly kidnapped me because they were telling him he was gon hae to wait 6 hours to process some papers. We came home and I all nice and high on them prescription drugs, wanted to document my state.
So, thus, this, there and that, I present to your viewing pleasure,
Alida post surgery aka a little high:

In case you've just found yourself here on this blog
and are curiously curiositing about
what First Wave actually is:

Is it a group of superheroes?
Is it edible? What does it look like?
Are they complex organisms?
Where can this "wave" of the first sort be found?

OMAI/First Wave was the winner of the


Check it out...

Aiight Aiight Aiight THIS JUST IN!!!!
If you tryna hear the song I was braggin soooooooo much about by our dear
aka EMAZingest women EVER

check it out right HERE
HERE too
and maybe even HERE!

LISTEN, DOWNLOAD, REPEAT, spread the tune if you feel so moved
PROMISE you gon love it!
100% satisfaction guaranteed or your free money BACK!
Now that's a GRREAT deal if I do say so myself, and I do!

im lovin it
Kelsey the ish forever and ever...

Friday, February 19, 2010

on this hear hair day we celebrate the espiritu and presence that is
Jessica Diaz-Hurtado!
Please join us in loving her extra mucho on this cumple because its golden
like the teeths she doesn't have.
not that she dont gots teeth,
its that they not golden
like her BIRTHDAY!

well, hope we didn't confuse you.
when in doubt say FELICIDADES!

dale pues

FW fam fo life

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So here is another link to some more photos from last semester.
They range from us recording in the studio--pics from our Spanish class at Universidad Tecnologica de Panama (above murals on point)--going to see TORTUGAS climb into the ocean--eating passion fruit from a tree--and even being barefoot. Jair's chancletas broke when we were swampin it thru a low-tide river to get to the island where we watched baby turtles crawl from their burrows of birth into the ocean of life.
Haha. He was really just kicking it barefoot.
Shoot, gon head then Jair, gon head.
getch yurs right HERE!!

These are photos from last semester when we decided to become the most tatted cohorort (new word - pullin a Danez!) in First Wave. Had to represent, you know how we tend to tenderly in general commonly DO. Or, now you do.

We got B.White, D-Nast Smif, and yung PYreezy on the tattage deck.

Check it out

yup she did.

Kelsey PYRO Van Erteezy

We gon see bout getting that to your very own homemade ears but till then just imagine how brilliant it is by looking at this fly pic of her.

grindin. we be.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


FRESH out the Mil
First Waves Own

(free download)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lady in orange hair

You’re the colors on the wing of a butterfly,
the way they blend into their surroundings,
perfectly create new,
yet unique enough to catch the timid eye

You are not shy in your capacity to love
It pauses me
how open your heart is
If they just give you a chance,
I know you’ll love them,
Like you did me

This is nothing like goodbye,
or even see you later
because you cannot say these things
to someone who is always with you

I don’t need to tell you
how brilliant your spirit is,
or how much of a sister
you have become
in time it takes to build trust
between strangers
because I hope you know,
like I know,
that every time I think of you
I’ll be smiling

Alida Cardos Whaley

So, Aura is leaving us tomorrow morning. She will be in Florida this time manana evening. Crazy. I wrote this for her. But, don't tell her just yet. It's a surprise for the trip to the airport.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh, and if you can't tell from the pic arriba.
We miss the rest of our cohort.
All love fam.
Build on that retreat.

Espero q todo este bn con ustds. Aqui estamos en Panama. Hace como un mes (four weeks) que llegamos. Some of us have already been taking classes in Florida State and Ganexa while others of us are waiting for some professors to be hired to teach us required courses for our majors. We've already gotten to do a lot since we landed including the beach, feria (fair), break battles, art and hip hop workshops, jazz festival, and networking. I think some of us have been more busy than others but sooner or later we should find ourselves being swamped with everything that reminds us of home. HOWEVER, to be honest being stressed here is a different type. It's a more relaxing stress lol, if that exists. Its more like you could allow yourself to become stressed, OR, you could go outside in the sun, take a trip to the beach and relax, sit on the top of the hill outside our house and look at the skyline, or simply call home and hear about how there they got stress and snow at the same time.

In the days to come I will be updating the blog with more photos of our recent adventures and more stories. I have been the MOST busiest bee with my classes at FSU. But, I'm too grateful and I'm loving that all my classes focus on my major LACIS - Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies.

THIS SEMESTER we're going to have more than just I, ALIDA, writing on this blog. We're going to give everyone the password to sign in and they can write ANYTHING they want WHENEVER they want. The idea is that they will tag themselves in their post and we will put a link on the right side of the page with their name to all their posts. You will be able to easily navigate to all their posts and this way this blog will be more of a collective voice.

Well, right now we are celebrating with one of our new family members AURA. Shes moving to the US on Tuesday to be with her family. Shes from Venezuela. I told the whole long mini intro to her life when we first met her. Shes the person who has had the most impact on our cohort. She has individual relationships with nearly everyone. I met her in my history class. Interesting how certain people have paths that cross ours when we least expect it.

We love her.
But, many of us are already planning trips to visit her in Florida and have her visit Mad-town.

i kno i kno...i ruined the picture...