Friday, March 26, 2010


So a week or two ago you may have read a post by Maddam Dominique about something called Contacting the World that Kelsey, Dom, and I are participating in along with nine other FWers back in the states...if not...go find the post, better yet HERE it is in case you're lazy.

Basically, we're WORLD TRAVELERS NOW! Finna be on our way to MANCHESTER! Yes, MANCHESTER. One more time for yur ears, MANCHESTER! I know, I know, sounds a little random. Who would ever think they would be indulging in a free trip to MANCHESTER to create art and perform it live in front of other theater companies from around the world?! Well, I hope you read what Dom wrote about the opportunity because it truly is a blessing.

Anyways, First Wave, as a theater company has been making these "First Wave Friday" videos to keep all the other theater companies involved in CTW (Contacting the World) up to date with what we're doing. This week and next week Dominique, Kelsey, and I are bringing the videos LIVE from the Republic of Panama so ENJOY and stay tuned!

Of course we had to put our own sprinkles on...'s "First Wave Viernes!"

Monday, March 22, 2010

About to go to class

So I'm about to head to class, History of South America with Profe Leyva. He always goes over the time by at least 10 minutes. Julio, our taxi driver, and anyone waiting in the car like Sofia, Kelsey, or Adam always tease me. They call me early when I'm only 5 minutes late. Well, today and every Monday and Wednesday it's just Adam and I that come to FSU - Florida State University. On Tuesday and Thursdays we add a Sofia and one Kelsey to the car. Julio picks us up from the crib and takes us here because the school is not reachable by bus and is too expensive to catch just any cab.

Today after my second class before the one I'm about to go to, I have an hour and 45 minute break. I spent the time today checking my email. I was going to do homework but I was incredibly too tired so if I would have started reading I know I would have fell asleep. Right about now I am STARVING. On these days I get here at 1pm and don't leave the prison until 7pm! I want to go home and be with the family, FW family, at the crib that's a half an hour away. I don't really like this university much.

Dom, you know what I'm talking about. She came one day with us to FSU and in between my classes she was with me. I was having some sort of breakdown! lol Not real serious but let's just say there are some of us that don't enjoy spending our entire DAY here in an American bubble in the middle of nowhere! I would rather be with our friends in the city, speaking spanish, learning their stories and sharing mine.

Well, gotta roll.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fotos del Open Mic

FLY Flyer
Sofaloaf, Alidabee, GEORGE, TITOpuente, y the CHICKEN
Kelsey featuring her newest song
Adam spit too
Hype women
Sofia got up off her chair as well and was accompanied with a beat for her verse

30 Day Verse Challenge, Day 2

I COULD NOT, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, FINISH THIS VERSE. IT KEPT TURINING INTO A SONG. so here’s a teaser with the first ten bars.
TOPIC: how i always fall for artists. but i didnt get to that point yet. hence it bein a tease.]

I think I’ve got an obsession

Not the stalker type that cuts yo gas pipes ova feelings they catchin

But I aint completely chill

Need some ice to keep it real

Trying not to fall victim to gravity like Jack and Jill

I’ll be strong like Scott

But even that Philly queen be turning green

When it’s love that she’s got

Uh, we all be playing grinch when life is calling our cue

That mountain top gets cold when you’re the only angry Who

Follow Dominique's BLOG over tHERE!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

30 Day Verse Challenge, Day 1

If you can’t tell, I wrote this in the shower]

Man I smell so bad/I’m glad im finna take a shower

This stank is so pungent/im finna be here for an hour

Cuz when im gettin fresh/time slips like hips from dirty trousers

And when i rise above these suds you’ll call me lady flower

But you cant pick me tho/this emcee’s not a ho

And like the Garden of Eden this fruit is forbidden til i walk down that bridal row

So put a ring on it

But that don’t mean you own it

Depending on a man is not one of my life’s components

New Project!!!

ALRIGHT FOLKS!!!! i got yet anotha project on my mind that im finna get crackin on. in fact, i already have. seein all the emcees at the open mic we went to last night [fotos comin tonite] reminded me how much i wanted to seriously start writin and performin rhymes. and considerin the fact that í’ve only written one verse worth mentionin to the homies…IN MY LIFE!!!!, ive decided that i got a lot of work to do in order to even be decent. so what im gonna do is…

[SHIT. im so excited MY FINGAS ARE SHAKIN!!!!]…


now since im a young principiante [spanish lesson] in this game they call emceeing, this ish aint finna be ALL DAT. but it’s gon be fly and u gon be fly cuz ull be witnessin progress. and who DONT wanna see that, unless, of course, you’re republican. but its cool. republicans are fam too. even though yall [meanin yall in power] like to fight against my rights, yall still got rights to yall opinions. (lets debate over caviar and ritz crackers sometime, k?)

ANYWAY. waaay off topic. the fact of the matter is, ill be postin verses about anything and everything, everyday for the next 30 days. For the first verse, scroll up to the next post. DEUCES!!!!


On the 10th night of a time they call in the distant lands “Marzo,” a band of magically fly shawties went to a small event, an “eventito,” if you will, called an Open Mic. It took place in the cove of muses, named after only the most flavaful of muses, La Musa de Chai. This eventito was the cracking-est occurrence of the jubilous night. So crackin that every shawty present witnessed the miracle of a phenomenon they call Hip-Hop, in which people gain jolly spirits around a mic instead of a maypole. And toss around the results of beautiful grinds instead of ribbons.

[Photos coming soon, chill yo seahorses shawties]

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sorry for the long ass description. But I GOTTA break this down fo ya. So this summer, Alida, Kelsey, and yours truly, are gettin even more stamps on our passports because we were accepted to represent First Wave in the Contacting the World Theatre Festival (CTW) in Manchester, England, along with 9 other members of the FDUB fam. This festival brings theatre companies from all over the world to create and perform original works. First Wave was chosen to represent the United States. Tight rite? I know, jo, I live a BLESSED life (pronounced bles-sed for emphasis). Praying to God it stays that way. Now, because the three of us are all the way over here in Panama and the rest of dem folk back in Wisco (Wisconsin for future reference), it’s been hard to stay connected with the fam in this process. But fortunately, the fam is full of some creative ass motha-effers. So creative that there will be weekly videos, showin you wassup in their process with CTW. BUT WAIT!!!! Alida and I were so inspired that we are choosing to bite folks and do a little somethin ourselves each week to show folks wats goin down wit us in Panama. So our ish will be comin soon. But here’s the first episode of this mini-series…First Wave Presents “CTW First Wave Fridays”!!!!

- Dom


Word. So I'm stealing this from Dominique aka Dominicana's blog because I thought it was dope.
Check it out:

Folks, I have been fortunate enough to meet and get to know some beautiful people in my life, both in the States and here in Panama. People who not only find the most amazing ways to express themselves through art, but people who wanna share that art with everyone around them. One of the people here in whom I’ve recognized that the most, is our homeboy Eddie also known as Bboy Funky. This website is one of the many ways through which he’s chosen to share his love of hip-hop/bboying with his community. If you wanna know what’s goin down in Panama City’s bboying/bgirling scene, this is mos def the site you wanna hit up baby booskies.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand END/commence stealing from Dom's blog.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Parque Via Argentina




Now, Maybe I was bitter butter makes better bread because she was passing the bday with the fam in the Madest of towns as opposed to being wit US in the Panamanianest of towns. Maybe I was eaten by a birthday monster, the kind that tickles you until you have no fingers to type with. OR maybe I was going to make up another weak lil lie!!!

BUT THE POINT IS this QUEEN se cumplio 21 years of life on JANUARY the 23rd, 2010! Now, enjoy bringing you very own eyes HERE to read this post that is about to be all stalkin up in KIM's life!!!

So, we gon start it off slow.
I didn't want to break your heart or you jaw.
This is the beautiful creature on a regular day.
Be prepared because she can get even more radiant!
You already understand dontchu?! 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Half empty of half full?!?! haha
It's simply necessary to shout out her life commitment to her org.
Sigma Lamda Gamma Inc.
Not to mention the fly artwork by her sister.
The besties.
The weirdies.
The FLY.
The TRAP THANG! Miss ya.

She really is the most wonderful sister we could ask for.
Thank you.
Happy Bday


So I'm here dropping you the line to Dominique Chestand's Blog because she just uploaded a video from break practice and a little side noting notation. She the bestest.

Check it out HERE!
or AQUI!

Also, check out the side bar
where I added links to navigate YOU to the blogs of fellow First Wavers.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So a while back I prefaced a trip that we we're taking to an indigenous village by saying I would later get the photos to ya. Well, here go some of the ones I got.

And, here's an intro for those of you who didn't see that previous post.

We took a trip to visit one of the indigenous tribes here in Panama. This specific group is called the Emberaa Puru. It was lovely, breath-taking, heavenly. Can't describe it to you. Well, I probably could since I'm a poet but, I didn't try...haha

Aw, we also got photos here of when we went on another tight little tour with our Profe of Spanish to Reprosa. It's a company that duplicates old relics from the colonial period ex, jewelry and such...
I got my grandmama her xmas present from there...some gold earings, the national flower of Panama la flor del espiritu santo.


On our way there.
We had to go by boat. They didn't have to be cute though.
Love the water, I do.
BOMBEST food; fish and patacones in a leaf!!!!
El pueblo.
B. White and Ceci Leon @ Reprosa.
These neat little (expensive) statues. Beautiful, but not cheap.

Here's the LINK to see the entire album.

Panama Canal

Last semester we went, with our Spanish Profe, to see the Panama Canal. It's actually kinda sad that we hadn't taken a trip before she took us. I mean, if you go to Panama you better go see the Canal...out of respect to the country and to the history of both Panama and the U.S. haha. So, we got the opportunity to go to the Miraflores locks. There are three locks to the canal. This one also has a museum which we got to take a look at. There is however, another museum called the Canal Museum that details even more the history of construction and such. Check it out if you happen to be in the neighborhood. The Canal Museum is in Casco Antiguo, one of the historical colonial towns in Panama that features colonial style architecture.

The Canal with a ship from the Philippines passing through.
People from all over were brought to construct the Canal.
They have this display where you turn a knob to see how the locks open and close. Me and Danez was foolin it.
Such good actors.
That's our Profe on my right. Our tutors came too.
Adam and his tutor Josuave (compliments of Dominique)
Me and Bayron.
Kelsey and Gaby.
Cecilia and Nabila.

Check out more fotos RIGHT HERE!
HERE too.
NOT here though.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So I had to bring you this DOPE artwork by an even DOPER birthday girl...HANNAH KAZIK

Meet my girl Hannak Kazik.
We went to highschool together in Milwaukee. She's one of the flyest visual artists in the city, as you can tell. This is her above, on a regular day being her lil ole regular GOOFAAY self. Forreal, like she will make you giggle. And then she'll giggle back atcha.

So, why am I telling YOU about her??

Well, you see not only is it her birthday! But, I feel that as artists it is our job to spread the word about new, old, tight, delicious artists.
Translation: She's dope you needed to know regardless of what I say here.

So, enjoy the work above.
No stealing, biting, fingernails, anything!

Yea all the way from Panama!

We gotta throw down for our gurl GG!!!
HOLDin down the THIRD cohort of FIRST WAVE!

On this very day of March 3rd, in the year 1991, there was a very unique spirit born into the flesh. She is a rare fly species that can only be found in Madison during the months that correspond to an ancient academic calendar. If you see her, do not hesitate to fall over in wide-eyed astonishment.
It is normal, there is a hotline.

Please join us in this day of celebrating the birthday
of the one and only

**Gethsemane Herron**

Even though we're far we hope you know
...we're thinking of you...
...sending warm panamanian air your way...
...we love you...


Hey all,
I was looking through old photos. Some call it procrastinating studying for my test I have today at 1, others might call it reminiscing. Nonetheless, I wanted to take ya back and show you a little vintage FW.

Not that we're old enough to be vintage.
Check It.

W/ La Bruja.

W/ Michael Eric Dyson.

At one of the events that be poppin off beginnin of the year 2008.

Studying abroad in Cuernavaca, Mexico.
The women folks in the studio in Lathrop @ UW-Madison.

Take a look at where you are. Never forget where you come from.