Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So I had to bring you this DOPE artwork by an even DOPER birthday girl...HANNAH KAZIK

Meet my girl Hannak Kazik.
We went to highschool together in Milwaukee. She's one of the flyest visual artists in the city, as you can tell. This is her above, on a regular day being her lil ole regular GOOFAAY self. Forreal, like she will make you giggle. And then she'll giggle back atcha.

So, why am I telling YOU about her??

Well, you see not only is it her birthday! But, I feel that as artists it is our job to spread the word about new, old, tight, delicious artists.
Translation: She's dope you needed to know regardless of what I say here.

So, enjoy the work above.
No stealing, biting, fingernails, anything!

Yea all the way from Panama!


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