Thursday, March 4, 2010

Panama Canal

Last semester we went, with our Spanish Profe, to see the Panama Canal. It's actually kinda sad that we hadn't taken a trip before she took us. I mean, if you go to Panama you better go see the Canal...out of respect to the country and to the history of both Panama and the U.S. haha. So, we got the opportunity to go to the Miraflores locks. There are three locks to the canal. This one also has a museum which we got to take a look at. There is however, another museum called the Canal Museum that details even more the history of construction and such. Check it out if you happen to be in the neighborhood. The Canal Museum is in Casco Antiguo, one of the historical colonial towns in Panama that features colonial style architecture.

The Canal with a ship from the Philippines passing through.
People from all over were brought to construct the Canal.
They have this display where you turn a knob to see how the locks open and close. Me and Danez was foolin it.
Such good actors.
That's our Profe on my right. Our tutors came too.
Adam and his tutor Josuave (compliments of Dominique)
Me and Bayron.
Kelsey and Gaby.
Cecilia and Nabila.

Check out more fotos RIGHT HERE!
HERE too.
NOT here though.

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