Monday, August 31, 2009

a lover I don't have to love

Fresh outta Panama we bring you
This week interview with international artist
He enjoys boxing, yogurt, crazy horsing, and pillow talking with the Goddess that is your body. He's kinda tall, wears sneakers, and hats (sometimes); has friends, shares a bathroom with 2 other international artists; sleeps in a bunk bed with a baby mattress, has a lip ring; a glass eye, and no left pinkey toenail.

Join us next time (right here) who knows when with

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cydney Edwards

So we late. We sorry! But we did CALL YOU LOVE!!!

-Love the abroaders


Allen, Cecilia, and I painted the backdrop for the show we had on Wednesday. These are the pictures from the process.
The backdrop was mainly sketched by Allen. Him and Cecilia went to the store with Philly and bought paint and fabric and stuff to hang it with for the show.

The show was based around our interaction with the bus system here - Diablo Rojos. The throughline of our show was that everyone was on the bus. People spit poems on it or got off at their stop and did so. It was ill. Dom had a piece about language, Cecilia spit as the folks who get on the bus, give a mini sermon, and collect coins, Jair a piece about missing home, Kim and Ben a love poem performed as a letter being read and Ben playing guitar, Kelsey and Sofia back to back about breaking and speaking without words, Danez sang a SONG about language and being aprehensive about speaking, AND Blaire spit a lil verse bout language and history.

Therefore we came up with the idea for the backdrop to reinforce the bus theme. We also included a historical landmark (The Bridge of the Americas -, historical figure (Theodore Roosevelt -, the skyline, and instruments. The bright colors were chosen wisely. The outcome was a vibrant, live image to our show. It expressed the history and story telling aspects that we have experienced and demonstrated the artistic expression that comes along with cotidiana.

The instruments were Allen, bridge Ceci and skyline myself. I taped the show from Tuesday but Chris took the camera (which was his) with him when he left the COUNTRY! So, thats gon hopefully get to me some time in life. For the show Kim Anh made the entire program. It was beautiful! It took her too many laboring hours though. She also made the flyer for the show which was just as outstanding. I see us handling business. All aspects.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Seriously. Family.

En el hospital

This morning 5:45am we got up (Ben and I) and hopped in a cab with Philly. Got to the hospital. Admitted to surgery. Stuck a needle in my hand, I almost fainted. No food, no aqua. Wheeled me away. Operating room was mint chocolate chip ice cream green. Reminded me of me n Sofia room in Madtown. I was knocked the **** out. Woke driving down the hall to my room. Sofia arrived. Sister. We ate. A lot. I wanted Wendy's but they didn't find one. SO they brought me chicken nuggets from KFC, fries the same, burger and ice cream sunday from McDonalds. Lol. I love Philly and Ben! They take good care.
My angels.

Angel hairs.
Philly too famous for fotos.
All up in my hand. Drogas.
Cute dress huh...
Mi rodilla. Bionic KNEE!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

**Upcoming SHOW sneak peak**

We're so serious about life that we had rehearsal thru the fin de semana, @ the crib, with NO ac! Here's a lil sneek peek @ what we preparing for this coming Tuesday!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Presidents Palace?

On Adam's birthday we also went to get a tour of the Presidents Palace. I think thats what it was called. It was an alright tour. We were with another large group of people so we could hardly hear the tour. We got to see two rooms and that was the end.

I didn't tell yall.
I am now a crutcher:
one who uses a crutch.
This past Monday I was @ parque via argentina with Sofia, Danez, Blaire, Kelsey, and Dominique. We went for break practice. There is a pavilion. Along side it is a small fenced cancha with artificial turf. There were some women practicing and I asked si pudiera jugar con ellas.
I did. And I was gettin it.
But, towards the end I stepped on my left leg, to receive the ball, and I heard bout 3 pops while I reachd for the artificial ground.
I tore my ACL completely and both meniscus in my left knee.
Surgery scheduled for Wednesday.
Please send prayers or good energy.
PS This is a blessing in disguise. lie...

This where the president signs bills and such...

This where FW gets money and such...

The murals were extaordinary. Someone compared them to Diego Rivera's monumental mural in Mexicos National Palace. They too tell a history; that of Panama.

The dipiction of pain was incredibly lifelike.
The murals were painted up high, bordering the room, right underneath the ceiling. I wish the pictures were better quality.
The place just had these birds kickin it, straight chillin, alll over the place.
Blaire said if she woulda known, she woulda stayed her butt at home;
she's terrified of birds.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Colón Workshops

Aint these the BIGGEST AVOCADOS youve never seen?!
YO so the yesterday we went to Colón to do a workshop with some folks at a community center. Philly said there are parts that are real hood and lacking positive programs that are free. Reminds me of home. We went to a community center to do a writing and a dance workshop but we ended up not doing the writing one. They said we can come back and do it. Chris lead the dance workshop. WHICH REMINDS ME....I DIDNT ANNOUNCE HIS ARRIVAL!!!
On Monday evening Chris Walker flew into our lives from Jamaica.
He the Worldest of travelers.
We missed him soo much.
And its not sweet cuz hes leaving next week after our show.
BTW we have a show next Tuesday in collaboration with the Dance department at UP.
SO if you gon be in the country, come thru 7pm El Domo en Curundu!
Yeah right, huh?
Anyways so Chris led the dance and it was tight to watch him leading this big group of youth. He's very goofy but gets down to business. We are so used to working with him (being on the receiving end) that we rarely get to sit back and see what magic he works.

Modern workshop:

Chris' workshop was Modern. He teaches African Dance, Modern Technique, and the First Wave course @ UW.

He's a G.
and Allen be playing dress-up...

ADAM dnt got no bday over here

Adam's bday when it hit the 12:00AM
Another year of not much more privilege...
We gave him pizza. A lot. And we ate it too.


I realized at one point when i go over to hug Adam it looks like we making out for his bday. Dnt be fooled. He was really trying to kill me or something. I couldn't get away. I dnt kiss Adams.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mike this is the gift for you i was telling you about

Before I left to Panama...the actual DAY before I left the country...Michael aka Mikey aka the tallest member of the 2nd cohort of FW (right Tobi?) aka the cutest tennis player besides his little brother Holden aka the fool in every foto below, gave me the foto of the fool in every foto below. Yes, its one of his senior pics from high school. :) Anyways, I had found it in my bag and decided to have everyone show how they feel about Sir Sherer.
I love my tallest little brother.