Friday, August 21, 2009

Colón Workshops

Aint these the BIGGEST AVOCADOS youve never seen?!
YO so the yesterday we went to Colón to do a workshop with some folks at a community center. Philly said there are parts that are real hood and lacking positive programs that are free. Reminds me of home. We went to a community center to do a writing and a dance workshop but we ended up not doing the writing one. They said we can come back and do it. Chris lead the dance workshop. WHICH REMINDS ME....I DIDNT ANNOUNCE HIS ARRIVAL!!!
On Monday evening Chris Walker flew into our lives from Jamaica.
He the Worldest of travelers.
We missed him soo much.
And its not sweet cuz hes leaving next week after our show.
BTW we have a show next Tuesday in collaboration with the Dance department at UP.
SO if you gon be in the country, come thru 7pm El Domo en Curundu!
Yeah right, huh?
Anyways so Chris led the dance and it was tight to watch him leading this big group of youth. He's very goofy but gets down to business. We are so used to working with him (being on the receiving end) that we rarely get to sit back and see what magic he works.

Modern workshop:

Chris' workshop was Modern. He teaches African Dance, Modern Technique, and the First Wave course @ UW.

He's a G.
and Allen be playing dress-up...

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