Sunday, August 23, 2009

Presidents Palace?

On Adam's birthday we also went to get a tour of the Presidents Palace. I think thats what it was called. It was an alright tour. We were with another large group of people so we could hardly hear the tour. We got to see two rooms and that was the end.

I didn't tell yall.
I am now a crutcher:
one who uses a crutch.
This past Monday I was @ parque via argentina with Sofia, Danez, Blaire, Kelsey, and Dominique. We went for break practice. There is a pavilion. Along side it is a small fenced cancha with artificial turf. There were some women practicing and I asked si pudiera jugar con ellas.
I did. And I was gettin it.
But, towards the end I stepped on my left leg, to receive the ball, and I heard bout 3 pops while I reachd for the artificial ground.
I tore my ACL completely and both meniscus in my left knee.
Surgery scheduled for Wednesday.
Please send prayers or good energy.
PS This is a blessing in disguise. lie...

This where the president signs bills and such...

This where FW gets money and such...

The murals were extaordinary. Someone compared them to Diego Rivera's monumental mural in Mexicos National Palace. They too tell a history; that of Panama.

The dipiction of pain was incredibly lifelike.
The murals were painted up high, bordering the room, right underneath the ceiling. I wish the pictures were better quality.
The place just had these birds kickin it, straight chillin, alll over the place.
Blaire said if she woulda known, she woulda stayed her butt at home;
she's terrified of birds.

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