Monday, October 26, 2009

COSTA RICA fotos :

Friday, October 23, 2009


is like

airport be taxin exchange rate
dude pushin the wheel chair told me change money at the hotel
we tipped him
well, philly did
but aint want to
cuz he was expectin it
what you expect
like bus ride to hotel from Alajuela to San Jose = not tryna go back to Panama
like driving past lil boy with stick on one block
see him on the next
turn corner
he there too
now he chasin the bus laughin
we get to the hotel
he get to the hotel
he high
dapped up Philly
got shoo'd by hotel concierge
or fancy word i cant spell
he cusses out fancy word hit fancy words like
he wasnt doin much wrong
walk away
come back with bottle
breaks it
maybe we wanna go back to Panama

we go out to eat
come back see what we were told about
men preferring to be called women
outside our hotel
one with he)r pants fallin, pissin
women or wo(men comin in and out our hotel

our hotel is nice
Tom came here 24 yrs ago
to stay for 3 months
but ended up building this hotel
he sounds hic turned hippie
says Danez
we think he pretty cool

Friday, October 16, 2009



Thursday, October 15, 2009

(long as you got a name, you can vote, so get on it)

**[{Click the link, scroll down on the page, and VOTE 4 FW Music Group!!}]**
Midterms hittin us here too yall.
Thought we could vacation.

Tuesday was our stats test and then yesterday was our science one. I also got one in my History class at Latina tomorrow and I had one last week in Soc wit Kelsey.
Lets see what the Panamanian cat drags in for our grades.

[[Philly told us we finna get a Spanish course poppin off. For credito.]]

This week was slight crazy. On Tuesday we went to immigration @ 7:30am because we not tryna get kicked out Panama. So, we was supposed to have these student visas right. But some folks only here for the semester so its cheaper to do this tourist visa thing that last 3 months. Well, we all did that in the beginning when we got here and now they gon expire soon. SO, we gotta get an extension on em which cost like $5 (i think) and then its good for another couple months which mean for us until we leave. So, the morning started early like some folks waking at 5. Some people had to time to cook something, then we treked it down the mountain that our crib is on, waited for Taxis for WAY too long like bout a good hour. When me n Danez was in the taxi dude took THE longest way to get there and it really ended up being down the main road by our crib (not close enuf to walk tho). We got there, got some empanadas and this fried potatoe lookin thing that Danez said was too good, from the corner stand, and then Philly told us not only that we was at the wrong building but that there is a NEW law prohibitin American citizens from getting the extension on their tourist visa. BOOP our lives one time. We jumped in cabs too quick.

House meeting @ the crib:
Basically, we planning an emergency trip to
**[{Costa Rica!!! }]**

Why? Shoot because we cool like that.
Naw, lol, we gotta leave the country. Fleein the country lookin... FW on to they 3rd COUNTRY!
eeeyyy eyyy!!
So we gotta be gon 3 days then re-enter and we can get the tourist visa.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 10 of 31 and....

Day of rest - Danez Smith

Today I woke up
and I will go to sleep.

Everything that happened in between
still isn’t fitting into the places I know,
or their trying to be places I tried
to forget.
Things are still happening
lacking sense and reason
tells me that the only thing that is
sure is that I will go
to sleep.

EXPLANATION: There are 31 days in this month of Octubre. There are several folks doing this "writing challenge" or "verse a day" in which you write a poem, or verse, or song, or whatever you want for everyday of the month. Danez is one of these people. He be gettin it. You can find what he wrote on fb if you tryna see the collection lol. Some of the folks doing it that I'm aware of are Blaire, Ceci, Dom, Kim Anh, and self.


we in the crib
its so big
"you cant smell someones fart from the other side of the house" - danez

we went thru sweat and skin and sleep and showers
now we are bbq and guests

Moving Day - Danez Smith

Boxes, suit cases, plastic bags
a fridge, tape drawers, new kitchen stuff,
sheets, beds, desk with picture instructions,
people pissin me off, other pissed off people
making me laugh, unnecessary curse words,
prayers for patience, sweat, dirty white beater,
ice water, sweat, riding in the back of the pick up,
picking up heavy things, sweat, a kiss on the cheek
to keep moving, a beer
would be nice, but I don’t drink anymore.

Can you pass me the SHIT MOTHER BITCH

Can you set that up?
Turn your back,
my middle finger.

feet hurt like SHIT MOTHER BITCH

no restsweat,
McDonald’sstomach pains,
lift, drive, lift, move, assemble, sweat,

tomorrow the new home will be worth it,
but today…

Friday, October 9, 2009

YO it is now 12:50 and we are oc.

aight check it. We movin from our crib to another crib in the same corregimiento BETHANIA. its cheaper and bigger and basically here aint work out wit COCO (the place we stay @ called COCO RED INN lol a hostel that we just LIVED in since we are such 12 people - so we call old girl who run the place aka the landlord, CoCo) cuz she oc and this lil hostel house be fallin apart. The door frames foam, ceilins leakin from these skies when the lakes come down, our fence done had shingles fallin down, lizards runnin rampid! lol but we cool wit the lizards. Shoot and i could go on bout the washer and the toilets and the closets. BASICALLY i think ish jus dont like us here. Cuz I KNOW we dnt be rough. Crap just slip off and look broke.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO we a movin bunch. Today was packin and taking trips. The new place down Transistmika(ca) - cant spell - up a mountain. Not forreal but one might say it IS mountain-esk (is that spelled wrong too?) lol. But yes, packing, trips, meeting wit ROB from IAP - he cool...SHOUT OUT TO ROB! Thanks for the washer and dryer and ac (which he approved) - We moved out fridge from the crib too hoy which was a nice lil process. Had to clean our ish out, wipe it down (YEA DOM!! n ALLEN) and put it in the truck Philly got for the day or so (SHOUT OUT PHILLY and MEN FOLK for the moving of the fridge). Philly n Rob n Danez n Sofia n folks spent the whole day buyin things for the crib cuz we startin from scratch basically. Needed beds n mattresses to plungers n pots + pans. The WHOLE lil shabbang bing. n now manana we gotta be up n out by 8am plus the water finna b cut off so best showa toonight. im hype for the new house. officially. riiiight. now. k

Now see we in the kitchen cookin too much food. We got to make it all cuz the move n fridge sitiations. So me n Sofia owed Adam food cuz he carried our luggage to the truck n delivered it to the crib. Thats why we started cookin but then we got carried away. Sofia was makin chicken then i was lik im tryna do up these potatoes. So you know i got them wit the onion n garlic n adobo n olive oil n then added some corn n butter n salt n pepper n then Ceci was over here like lets cook this bacon, Kelsey like here go some noodles n watnot, corn from the Allen, shooooot. All the while Kim makin me eat here delicious applesauce.

We just fed Blaire, Allen, Danez a piece of chicken, Adam, Me, Ceci, Kelsey, Ben a piece of bacon.... and word on the street is Bens cookin somethin now. haHA

its now 1:19 we still oc


Wat up

So me n Kelsey had an examen today in Sociologia. We was studying last night together and we felt aiight. But, then after the test we was talkin bout how we felt good bout it but wasnt gon get hype; we also said how surprised we were at what we were able to remember during gthe test and the new vocab that we were throwin down. to be real, i was lovin takin the exam. Not cuz it was easy or short or that i studied real amazin. Cuz, it was none of those things! lol. BUT i was just gettin it in another language! And yes, we had the dictionary on deck. Spanish-English/English-Spanish.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


too much stuff be passin by

right now for example, im tryna read this chapter for soc in which i got a test on friday wit Kelsey

BUT Danez be makin jokes, n Kim tellin me to listen to her singin in choir in middle school, n Adam tryna turn the TV on, n Sofia n Kels gettin back from breakin, n Ceci comin in the room confused, n then Danez makin a commercial LOL, n im singin wit him, then Blaire come in all cute, and im chattin wit my brother in Mexico and Candice n Hannah n Cynthia n Sydney n my friend Joseluis from Mexico n Adam lol even tho he in the other room at the point

see this make NO poitn like spellin point wrong


come on hw come on fw come on focus come on A's

pleque pleque

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oct. 2nd

Was my birthday.

It was real good. Like steak and lobster
cooked right in front of you

Just ask the cake Kim Anh squished on my face
or the way Danez couldn´t finish his food
that dulce de leche
and how the waitress got away with my plate
before i was done
licking it clean

for all the birthdays that dont go out to eat
or a movie
or get a congratulations on making it this far,
i got you;
blew out our candles
in one breath,
got my breath taken away
by the friends i call fam
too quick to know they not blood,
for no more chuck e cheese or bbq,
no house party or cards in the mail,
no discovery world or swimming pool,

ma, blis
i missed you 2
but i thought bout you
when they came in singin