Thursday, October 15, 2009

Midterms hittin us here too yall.
Thought we could vacation.

Tuesday was our stats test and then yesterday was our science one. I also got one in my History class at Latina tomorrow and I had one last week in Soc wit Kelsey.
Lets see what the Panamanian cat drags in for our grades.

[[Philly told us we finna get a Spanish course poppin off. For credito.]]

This week was slight crazy. On Tuesday we went to immigration @ 7:30am because we not tryna get kicked out Panama. So, we was supposed to have these student visas right. But some folks only here for the semester so its cheaper to do this tourist visa thing that last 3 months. Well, we all did that in the beginning when we got here and now they gon expire soon. SO, we gotta get an extension on em which cost like $5 (i think) and then its good for another couple months which mean for us until we leave. So, the morning started early like some folks waking at 5. Some people had to time to cook something, then we treked it down the mountain that our crib is on, waited for Taxis for WAY too long like bout a good hour. When me n Danez was in the taxi dude took THE longest way to get there and it really ended up being down the main road by our crib (not close enuf to walk tho). We got there, got some empanadas and this fried potatoe lookin thing that Danez said was too good, from the corner stand, and then Philly told us not only that we was at the wrong building but that there is a NEW law prohibitin American citizens from getting the extension on their tourist visa. BOOP our lives one time. We jumped in cabs too quick.

House meeting @ the crib:
Basically, we planning an emergency trip to
**[{Costa Rica!!! }]**

Why? Shoot because we cool like that.
Naw, lol, we gotta leave the country. Fleein the country lookin... FW on to they 3rd COUNTRY!
eeeyyy eyyy!!
So we gotta be gon 3 days then re-enter and we can get the tourist visa.

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  1. what??costa rica? um can u please call me or soemthing.. i havent got a phone call yet from u.
    miss you and love u ms alida. thank you for bringing me with you to panama!