Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 10 of 31 and....

Day of rest - Danez Smith

Today I woke up
and I will go to sleep.

Everything that happened in between
still isn’t fitting into the places I know,
or their trying to be places I tried
to forget.
Things are still happening
lacking sense and reason
tells me that the only thing that is
sure is that I will go
to sleep.

EXPLANATION: There are 31 days in this month of Octubre. There are several folks doing this "writing challenge" or "verse a day" in which you write a poem, or verse, or song, or whatever you want for everyday of the month. Danez is one of these people. He be gettin it. You can find what he wrote on fb if you tryna see the collection lol. Some of the folks doing it that I'm aware of are Blaire, Ceci, Dom, Kim Anh, and self.

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