Thursday, April 29, 2010

SOFIA snuck off to the states

In case u were left out in knowing, Sofia Snow has been convicted of sneeking off to the states to do a show in Ohio and running over to the MADTOWN to see the freshmen cohort show.
we so jealous.
She has been back now for less than 2 weeks but we are still harvesting fields of feelings that she got to see part of Line Breaks!!!

NAAAAAAAAAAAW, we jus playing.
Its dope she got to do all that, REAL BIG!

OOOOOOOOh yea, the pic above is the reunitedtion of kimanh n the sofa at the show. Sofa brought the kimanh golpe chips from PTY.

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Dominique Chestand

just thinkin bout how my black ass finna get stole off of in the Chi for reppin the PTY instead of throwin up the C's. Battling this Saturday pa la capital. SIN VERGUENZA. Bless.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Cecilia E. León Mao Kido, eres una mujer con mucha magia! Gracias por un dia increible!

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Adam Moshe Levin it just kicked in that I'm going home in 6 days. And now I can't sleep. Greeeeeeaaaaat...

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Sofía Snow panama.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


What I failed to mention in the last post about the Open Mic at La Musa de Chai was that Kelsey and I each performed a song. Kelsey, of course, worked with the vocal chords alongside her guitar. And I dropped the first song I ever wrote EN MI VIDA!!!! Errbody got SO HYPE and so did I. But when we all saw the clip on t.v. the other night at La Musa, I got redder than I thought black folks could. But I’m glad that my peeps over there supported me, especially my homeboy Abe, who was talkin bout me like he was a proud father and ish.

But earlier that night, Tania, who works there, asked me if Kelsey and I wanted to be the featured artists for the Gallery Night they’re having next month. Naturally, we accepted. But homes, imagine. I got a gig after performing my first song, which I’m not even finished with yet. Don’t mean to be cocky, but I’m mos def been feelin like this song writing thing is calling me, even before I performed my song. Excited for what’s coming next. Thanking God for what has already come.

- Dom

House Party: Special Edition * Edición Especial
Open Mic * Poemas * Hip Hop * Música en Vivo * Obras y Presentaciones

Host: Nena Galleta
Sus Djs: LongdayzJourney y DJ Rhythmx

Location: New York Bagel Cafe

FDUB, in collaboration with Florida State University - Panamá had little micrófono abierto last night at New York Bagel Cafe. To say the least, we STRAIGHT MURDERED DAT ISH. And then got down and dirty to a little hip hop afterwards. Bgirl Pyro and I even took off our skirts and dresses and put on Sofeezy’s pants to throw down in a break cypher. Only the truest of bgirls are willing to strip in front of everyone to get in on some floor-lovin. It wasn’t the fullest of events since it was pretty last minute, plus mad people are in exams right now but we made sure that ish popped. Without a doubt.

Kevin Morales, aka Bboy Topo, aka Cornflake took some beautiful photos. And these ain’t even close to the best ones. But I’m trying to squeeze the rest out of him, so yall can get the best taste of our experience.

Paz, Amor, y Respeto.

Sincerity that the Shawty Said

podria contar los dias. pero no quiero.
no los cuentes amiga :(

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Wednesday night there was the second open mic at
Kelsey and Dominique and Cecilia flew through to it. They was lovin it, as always. We flock to artsy things like open mics and theater shows, for obvious reasons. Kelsey spit a new song she been working on that's not yet finished. Dom also spit some new ish, a nice lil song bout leaving Panama. You gotta check it out. We gon have to get it up on here for your very own home-made minds to see. But ey til then check out La Musa's facebook page.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Friday after Movfest, (March 19th), our homie Hector, also known as Bboy Xpider, straight KILT IT!!!! in a freakin AMAZING show called EL SOFA. The show reminded me of us (FW) a lil bit because there was no concrete, well-defined through-line. I was straight lovin the entire show. They even did a seen laughin on the broke mad bootleg cab taxis here en Panama. That right there reminded me of our show that we did while here where we incorporated the Diablo Rojo (the school buses turned public transportation system).

This is a bitty clip that Dom took before Dom's camera went dumb on us. Check this woman out on the ceilin-reaching pole. Ey, when it looks like she falls and dies a lil bit, she stops inches from the floor and awws us all. We wanted to be her when we grow up. No really though, the way she moves by climbing and falling and flying on that post is inspiring. Straight defying gravity.


Friday, April 9, 2010


Unfortunately folks, that day did not go as smoothly as we would have liked it to. The reason being pimp decided to make it rain on us. By pimp, I mean sky. By rain, I don’t mean money…

BUT knowing us, you know we had to keep ish moving. So we had an after-cypher at our crib which turned into a mock battle. BUT GUESS WHO I SALTED IN OUR BATALLITA!!!! BBOY CHOSEN!!!! ONE OF THE BEST BBOYS IN PANAMA!!!! But I must admit that he was recovering from recent injuries SO i cant take all the credit, not to mention nobody won, seeing as it was in our living room. But I did get HELLA woots and claps from the 14 bboys and bgirls watchin. Sorry to get yall all hype. Below is the round between Bgirl Snow and Bboy Arnold. Enjoy.

Pt. 2 Fotos de MOV FEST - And you thought Hip Hop was dead?!

Fotos by Indra Ilya

Pt. 1 Eff Watcha Heard - Dom's Blog

On the HIPpity HOPpiest of dayyz (Sunday, March 14), a shawty named David Sánchez, also called upon by us history making elements as DJ Rhythm X, desired a festival of sorts. The sorts where only the flyest of heroes throw their flavas onto lands so beautifully, they call it ‘break’, where creatures grow hunched backs from spinning flat worlds on tables made of galaxies, where Goliaths and Davids ride wheeled clouds on earths shaped like slingshots, where angels spray the stories of legends onto walls with the dust that lies on the tips of their wings, creating an atmosphere of pure dope-ocity for the universes to see.

[more scriptions of this historical day in post above]


(Check out the first fotos)

To Do:
  1. See Sydney Peak
  2. Kick it with the homies
  3. Love CR

So far, we already got down 1 and 3.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paraiso - teaser

update coming to an eye near you.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 2 of 30 - $4

Down here, the same brand name is tattooed
on the razor curving
my sideburns into place,

finding my jawbone
beneath the rough undergrowth
framing my face.

I leave the shop smelling the same,
like I’m ready to look good
and fuck up bad on Saturday night.

all this for a good eleven dollars
less than the clippers that tag me pretty
back home,

and I can hold a cold, domestically-brewed Balboa
while I wait my turn,

and the women smile back when I’m on the street
outside of the shop in Rio Abajo,

in front of the “Trust in God” (in English) graffiti
burned into the lightpost,

where you’ll feel so much more in a Panamanian breeze
than you would in an American one.

I won’t be this changed
a beer, four bucks, and a fade later
ever again.

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Cecilia E. León Eating BBQ and watching the Final Four game with Adam Moshe Levin.... bonding is a good thing, kinda like H2O

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Dominique Chestand Blasting salsa from the Montero so the whole hood can hear. Dancing with mamas in driveways. Listening to Part Two for the first time. Grilling food outside with the fam. Teachin Panamanians how to Chitown step. Half-ass attempts of taking pictures of half-lit skylines. Intersecting legs like the languages in our bilin...gual conversation about how to love. Needing no translation.