Tuesday, April 27, 2010


What I failed to mention in the last post about the Open Mic at La Musa de Chai was that Kelsey and I each performed a song. Kelsey, of course, worked with the vocal chords alongside her guitar. And I dropped the first song I ever wrote EN MI VIDA!!!! Errbody got SO HYPE and so did I. But when we all saw the clip on t.v. the other night at La Musa, I got redder than I thought black folks could. But I’m glad that my peeps over there supported me, especially my homeboy Abe, who was talkin bout me like he was a proud father and ish.

But earlier that night, Tania, who works there, asked me if Kelsey and I wanted to be the featured artists for the Gallery Night they’re having next month. Naturally, we accepted. But homes, imagine. I got a gig after performing my first song, which I’m not even finished with yet. Don’t mean to be cocky, but I’m mos def been feelin like this song writing thing is calling me, even before I performed my song. Excited for what’s coming next. Thanking God for what has already come.

- Dom

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  1. congrads! on getting a gig that real tight!!! im happy for ya