Tuesday, April 27, 2010

House Party: Special Edition * Edición Especial
Open Mic * Poemas * Hip Hop * Música en Vivo * Obras y Presentaciones

Host: Nena Galleta
Sus Djs: LongdayzJourney y DJ Rhythmx

Location: New York Bagel Cafe

FDUB, in collaboration with Florida State University - Panamá had little micrófono abierto last night at New York Bagel Cafe. To say the least, we STRAIGHT MURDERED DAT ISH. And then got down and dirty to a little hip hop afterwards. Bgirl Pyro and I even took off our skirts and dresses and put on Sofeezy’s pants to throw down in a break cypher. Only the truest of bgirls are willing to strip in front of everyone to get in on some floor-lovin. It wasn’t the fullest of events since it was pretty last minute, plus mad people are in exams right now but we made sure that ish popped. Without a doubt.

Kevin Morales, aka Bboy Topo, aka Cornflake took some beautiful photos. And these ain’t even close to the best ones. But I’m trying to squeeze the rest out of him, so yall can get the best taste of our experience.

Paz, Amor, y Respeto.

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