Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Friday after Movfest, (March 19th), our homie Hector, also known as Bboy Xpider, straight KILT IT!!!! in a freakin AMAZING show called EL SOFA. The show reminded me of us (FW) a lil bit because there was no concrete, well-defined through-line. I was straight lovin the entire show. They even did a seen laughin on the broke mad bootleg cab taxis here en Panama. That right there reminded me of our show that we did while here where we incorporated the Diablo Rojo (the school buses turned public transportation system).

This is a bitty clip that Dom took before Dom's camera went dumb on us. Check this woman out on the ceilin-reaching pole. Ey, when it looks like she falls and dies a lil bit, she stops inches from the floor and awws us all. We wanted to be her when we grow up. No really though, the way she moves by climbing and falling and flying on that post is inspiring. Straight defying gravity.


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