Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oct. 2nd

Was my birthday.

It was real good. Like steak and lobster
cooked right in front of you

Just ask the cake Kim Anh squished on my face
or the way Danez couldn´t finish his food
that dulce de leche
and how the waitress got away with my plate
before i was done
licking it clean

for all the birthdays that dont go out to eat
or a movie
or get a congratulations on making it this far,
i got you;
blew out our candles
in one breath,
got my breath taken away
by the friends i call fam
too quick to know they not blood,
for no more chuck e cheese or bbq,
no house party or cards in the mail,
no discovery world or swimming pool,

ma, blis
i missed you 2
but i thought bout you
when they came in singin

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