Tuesday, October 6, 2009


too much stuff be passin by

right now for example, im tryna read this chapter for soc in which i got a test on friday wit Kelsey

BUT Danez be makin jokes, n Kim tellin me to listen to her singin in choir in middle school, n Adam tryna turn the TV on, n Sofia n Kels gettin back from breakin, n Ceci comin in the room confused, n then Danez makin a commercial LOL, n im singin wit him, then Blaire come in all cute, and im chattin wit my brother in Mexico and Candice n Hannah n Cynthia n Sydney n my friend Joseluis from Mexico n Adam lol even tho he in the other room at the point

see this make NO poitn like spellin point wrong


come on hw come on fw come on focus come on A's

pleque pleque

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