Friday, October 23, 2009


is like

airport be taxin exchange rate
dude pushin the wheel chair told me change money at the hotel
we tipped him
well, philly did
but aint want to
cuz he was expectin it
what you expect
like bus ride to hotel from Alajuela to San Jose = not tryna go back to Panama
like driving past lil boy with stick on one block
see him on the next
turn corner
he there too
now he chasin the bus laughin
we get to the hotel
he get to the hotel
he high
dapped up Philly
got shoo'd by hotel concierge
or fancy word i cant spell
he cusses out fancy word hit fancy words like
he wasnt doin much wrong
walk away
come back with bottle
breaks it
maybe we wanna go back to Panama

we go out to eat
come back see what we were told about
men preferring to be called women
outside our hotel
one with he)r pants fallin, pissin
women or wo(men comin in and out our hotel

our hotel is nice
Tom came here 24 yrs ago
to stay for 3 months
but ended up building this hotel
he sounds hic turned hippie
says Danez
we think he pretty cool

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