Friday, October 9, 2009

YO it is now 12:50 and we are oc.

aight check it. We movin from our crib to another crib in the same corregimiento BETHANIA. its cheaper and bigger and basically here aint work out wit COCO (the place we stay @ called COCO RED INN lol a hostel that we just LIVED in since we are such 12 people - so we call old girl who run the place aka the landlord, CoCo) cuz she oc and this lil hostel house be fallin apart. The door frames foam, ceilins leakin from these skies when the lakes come down, our fence done had shingles fallin down, lizards runnin rampid! lol but we cool wit the lizards. Shoot and i could go on bout the washer and the toilets and the closets. BASICALLY i think ish jus dont like us here. Cuz I KNOW we dnt be rough. Crap just slip off and look broke.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO we a movin bunch. Today was packin and taking trips. The new place down Transistmika(ca) - cant spell - up a mountain. Not forreal but one might say it IS mountain-esk (is that spelled wrong too?) lol. But yes, packing, trips, meeting wit ROB from IAP - he cool...SHOUT OUT TO ROB! Thanks for the washer and dryer and ac (which he approved) - We moved out fridge from the crib too hoy which was a nice lil process. Had to clean our ish out, wipe it down (YEA DOM!! n ALLEN) and put it in the truck Philly got for the day or so (SHOUT OUT PHILLY and MEN FOLK for the moving of the fridge). Philly n Rob n Danez n Sofia n folks spent the whole day buyin things for the crib cuz we startin from scratch basically. Needed beds n mattresses to plungers n pots + pans. The WHOLE lil shabbang bing. n now manana we gotta be up n out by 8am plus the water finna b cut off so best showa toonight. im hype for the new house. officially. riiiight. now. k

Now see we in the kitchen cookin too much food. We got to make it all cuz the move n fridge sitiations. So me n Sofia owed Adam food cuz he carried our luggage to the truck n delivered it to the crib. Thats why we started cookin but then we got carried away. Sofia was makin chicken then i was lik im tryna do up these potatoes. So you know i got them wit the onion n garlic n adobo n olive oil n then added some corn n butter n salt n pepper n then Ceci was over here like lets cook this bacon, Kelsey like here go some noodles n watnot, corn from the Allen, shooooot. All the while Kim makin me eat here delicious applesauce.

We just fed Blaire, Allen, Danez a piece of chicken, Adam, Me, Ceci, Kelsey, Ben a piece of bacon.... and word on the street is Bens cookin somethin now. haHA

its now 1:19 we still oc

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