Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mike this is the gift for you i was telling you about

Before I left to Panama...the actual DAY before I left the country...Michael aka Mikey aka the tallest member of the 2nd cohort of FW (right Tobi?) aka the cutest tennis player besides his little brother Holden aka the fool in every foto below, gave me the foto of the fool in every foto below. Yes, its one of his senior pics from high school. :) Anyways, I had found it in my bag and decided to have everyone show how they feel about Sir Sherer.
I love my tallest little brother.

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  1. alida. I love you. I love you all of you soo much and am going to miss the hell out of you guys! thanks for everything that all of you have given me and best of luck in hot and muggy panama! its going to be hard this year without all my older brothers and sisters holdin it down, but i think we might just survive. Thank you for the wornderful pictures and the smiles you guys never fail to put on my face. I love you all and keep in touch!
    --love mikey

    p.s. i like how none of the guys seems to even notice that a picture is being taken of them... except you danez, and you adam, but you're makin a nasty ass face so it doesn't count. brad miller lookin ass.

    p.p.s. im really sorry about your knee alida, i hope it gets better soon, if i was there i would give it a kiss for you :)