Thursday, March 4, 2010


So a while back I prefaced a trip that we we're taking to an indigenous village by saying I would later get the photos to ya. Well, here go some of the ones I got.

And, here's an intro for those of you who didn't see that previous post.

We took a trip to visit one of the indigenous tribes here in Panama. This specific group is called the Emberaa Puru. It was lovely, breath-taking, heavenly. Can't describe it to you. Well, I probably could since I'm a poet but, I didn't try...haha

Aw, we also got photos here of when we went on another tight little tour with our Profe of Spanish to Reprosa. It's a company that duplicates old relics from the colonial period ex, jewelry and such...
I got my grandmama her xmas present from there...some gold earings, the national flower of Panama la flor del espiritu santo.


On our way there.
We had to go by boat. They didn't have to be cute though.
Love the water, I do.
BOMBEST food; fish and patacones in a leaf!!!!
El pueblo.
B. White and Ceci Leon @ Reprosa.
These neat little (expensive) statues. Beautiful, but not cheap.

Here's the LINK to see the entire album.

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