Thursday, March 11, 2010


On the 10th night of a time they call in the distant lands “Marzo,” a band of magically fly shawties went to a small event, an “eventito,” if you will, called an Open Mic. It took place in the cove of muses, named after only the most flavaful of muses, La Musa de Chai. This eventito was the cracking-est occurrence of the jubilous night. So crackin that every shawty present witnessed the miracle of a phenomenon they call Hip-Hop, in which people gain jolly spirits around a mic instead of a maypole. And toss around the results of beautiful grinds instead of ribbons.

[Photos coming soon, chill yo seahorses shawties]

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  1. Hey, thanks... La Musa de Chai

    Next Open Mic: Wednesday, April 14th. Be there!!