Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sorry for the long ass description. But I GOTTA break this down fo ya. So this summer, Alida, Kelsey, and yours truly, are gettin even more stamps on our passports because we were accepted to represent First Wave in the Contacting the World Theatre Festival (CTW) in Manchester, England, along with 9 other members of the FDUB fam. This festival brings theatre companies from all over the world to create and perform original works. First Wave was chosen to represent the United States. Tight rite? I know, jo, I live a BLESSED life (pronounced bles-sed for emphasis). Praying to God it stays that way. Now, because the three of us are all the way over here in Panama and the rest of dem folk back in Wisco (Wisconsin for future reference), it’s been hard to stay connected with the fam in this process. But fortunately, the fam is full of some creative ass motha-effers. So creative that there will be weekly videos, showin you wassup in their process with CTW. BUT WAIT!!!! Alida and I were so inspired that we are choosing to bite folks and do a little somethin ourselves each week to show folks wats goin down wit us in Panama. So our ish will be comin soon. But here’s the first episode of this mini-series…First Wave Presents “CTW First Wave Fridays”!!!!

- Dom

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