Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Word. So I'm stealing this from Dominique aka Dominicana's blog because I thought it was dope.
Check it out:

Folks, I have been fortunate enough to meet and get to know some beautiful people in my life, both in the States and here in Panama. People who not only find the most amazing ways to express themselves through art, but people who wanna share that art with everyone around them. One of the people here in whom I’ve recognized that the most, is our homeboy Eddie also known as Bboy Funky. This website is one of the many ways through which he’s chosen to share his love of hip-hop/bboying with his community. If you wanna know what’s goin down in Panama City’s bboying/bgirling scene, this is mos def the site you wanna hit up baby booskies.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand END/commence stealing from Dom's blog.

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