Monday, March 22, 2010

About to go to class

So I'm about to head to class, History of South America with Profe Leyva. He always goes over the time by at least 10 minutes. Julio, our taxi driver, and anyone waiting in the car like Sofia, Kelsey, or Adam always tease me. They call me early when I'm only 5 minutes late. Well, today and every Monday and Wednesday it's just Adam and I that come to FSU - Florida State University. On Tuesday and Thursdays we add a Sofia and one Kelsey to the car. Julio picks us up from the crib and takes us here because the school is not reachable by bus and is too expensive to catch just any cab.

Today after my second class before the one I'm about to go to, I have an hour and 45 minute break. I spent the time today checking my email. I was going to do homework but I was incredibly too tired so if I would have started reading I know I would have fell asleep. Right about now I am STARVING. On these days I get here at 1pm and don't leave the prison until 7pm! I want to go home and be with the family, FW family, at the crib that's a half an hour away. I don't really like this university much.

Dom, you know what I'm talking about. She came one day with us to FSU and in between my classes she was with me. I was having some sort of breakdown! lol Not real serious but let's just say there are some of us that don't enjoy spending our entire DAY here in an American bubble in the middle of nowhere! I would rather be with our friends in the city, speaking spanish, learning their stories and sharing mine.

Well, gotta roll.

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