Sunday, March 14, 2010

30 Day Verse Challenge, Day 2

I COULD NOT, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, FINISH THIS VERSE. IT KEPT TURINING INTO A SONG. so here’s a teaser with the first ten bars.
TOPIC: how i always fall for artists. but i didnt get to that point yet. hence it bein a tease.]

I think I’ve got an obsession

Not the stalker type that cuts yo gas pipes ova feelings they catchin

But I aint completely chill

Need some ice to keep it real

Trying not to fall victim to gravity like Jack and Jill

I’ll be strong like Scott

But even that Philly queen be turning green

When it’s love that she’s got

Uh, we all be playing grinch when life is calling our cue

That mountain top gets cold when you’re the only angry Who

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