Friday, September 25, 2009

q la pases

Sat. yes LAST saturday I (SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: KIM ANH TRUONG HAS THE BEST HIGH FIVE) had a fieldtrip to the Canal museum with my historia de panama class. It was real intense. (SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: KIM ANH TRUONG IS THE BEST) Turns out our profe is like the knower of all knowledge having to do wit historia de panama. We walked all thru the museum (btw Kim invaded my computer right quick) and profe was telling us all the history from memory. He knew his stuff. I couldnt pay attention tho it was like overload of info regardless of language barrier. So now next week Friday I have a big assignment due about the fieldtrip. We gotta use the pics and "notes (lol)" that we took.

What I NEED to do is go back to that museum and RElook at everything to take in another breath. Real talk it covered a large period of time tho and I was pretty impressed. From before the building of the canal to technological advances within the last decade or so.

BUT i think bout the assignment imma be good cuz u kno...I MADE A FRIEND! Aura is her name. She from Venezuela. Came here wit her fam and boyfriend. They left th country cuz her dad was basically blacklisted in Venezuela and so he couldnt get a job. Then they were living off they savings but those dnt last forever so they came to Panama. They started a restautante but then it didnt do too hott and the money se fue. SO they moved again, but Aura and her boyfriedn stayed here to finish school. Her fam of ma n pa n sister are now in the US, Florida. Its her bday manana and its her 1st without being wit her fam. They been gon bout 2 months now and shes only lived here en Panama for bout 2 yrs. Keep noted that folk here live with they padres til they marry or decide to move out. Not like home when we bounce when we go to college or just MOVE OUT cuz we think we grown.

SO Jota; whose name is JoseLuis; whose called Jota by Aura; whose name is the letter J but still spelled JOTA; who I called Jota Z; who is Aura's boyfriend and moved here to Panama with her when her family vinieron; who works for this cable compani that has there service lines from the US come here; who chats with Amuricans about there tech troubles; who was told to go back to Mexico; whose name is JoseLuis; who is NOT from Mexico; who requested his name be changed on the chat to Troy; who was complimented on his name; Troy.

HE planned a surprise bday for Aura manana. I think shes going to love it especially since she has been real down about being away from her fam. We goin to thia parque acuatico. and its only like $8.50. Yea Yea. Im used to oc prices for parks of amusement and such.
Shes pretty dope though. Dom n me n Sofia gon go. Estoy emocionada.

DALE pues.

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