Sunday, February 21, 2010

So as some of yall may know in August I (Alida) tore my ACL and meniscus while here in Panama. I was playing soccer. I got surgery fo free cuz we covered by the Study Abroad program @ UW, which was a blessing. Well, on Friday I had to get some more surgery. I got some scar tissue removed because it was irritating my knee and causing inflamation. They went in with cameras, orthoscopic style, and we even got a DVD of what they were doing in side my knee. Well, after this I came home. Or rather, Philly kidnapped me because they were telling him he was gon hae to wait 6 hours to process some papers. We came home and I all nice and high on them prescription drugs, wanted to document my state.
So, thus, this, there and that, I present to your viewing pleasure,
Alida post surgery aka a little high:

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  1. Hey Alida,

    Take care of yourself, honey. We're thinking of you. Don't over do it, please.

    Momma Bird and Papa Bird
    AKA Mrs. and Mr. Reistad