Sunday, February 21, 2010

I know, I know, I think someone's been growing too...
Trying to stretch themselves a little teensy weensy bit taller,
or older,
or wiser...

And on this day,
we will all proudly, with smiles on our faces,
look her in the eye (pick one) with love and
Sofia A.
(I am not sure if she wants the final destination
aka truth of her middle name revealed)

Why you may ask: Well on this very hot day (in PTY - haha Wisconsin and Boston - take that take that!) of February the 22nd in the year of 1989 a very special tiny lady was born. Some called her Snow others called her Arepita and a select few called her Sofeezy. No one actually called her by her true name; I know, weird. Well, it just so happens that this goddess of a child is still alive today!!!! So as is tradition, we simply must conglomerate the masses and commemorate her being!

Of course. Por supuesto!

So to do so we will be meeting in our crib in Panama City, Republic of Panama today. Come through whenever you can. Fly over, swim through, train, bike, truck, stop, drop and roll...any way you can get here go ahead and do that!
Aren't they just so cute when they're 21?!?!?!
Remember 2 say:
"You've grown so much!"

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