Monday, February 8, 2010

Lady in orange hair

You’re the colors on the wing of a butterfly,
the way they blend into their surroundings,
perfectly create new,
yet unique enough to catch the timid eye

You are not shy in your capacity to love
It pauses me
how open your heart is
If they just give you a chance,
I know you’ll love them,
Like you did me

This is nothing like goodbye,
or even see you later
because you cannot say these things
to someone who is always with you

I don’t need to tell you
how brilliant your spirit is,
or how much of a sister
you have become
in time it takes to build trust
between strangers
because I hope you know,
like I know,
that every time I think of you
I’ll be smiling

Alida Cardos Whaley

So, Aura is leaving us tomorrow morning. She will be in Florida this time manana evening. Crazy. I wrote this for her. But, don't tell her just yet. It's a surprise for the trip to the airport.

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