Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Casco Antiguo

Museum of Anthropology today
with our classes
the tour guide had an attitude
the museum was only 1 and a 1/16 levels
with not much in it.
I think they may not have been done with it…?
I’m not coming at the museum.
It’s the truth.

Then we met up with Philly and headed over to Casco Antigua. It is an old ciudad de Panamá. The buildings are old style, colonial, it’s also where the equivalent to our white house is also located. We got there, went to eat, and then it started raining horses and elephants. Sooo we waited it out inside. We had split up for lunch. Me and Kelsey, Philly, Jair, Adam, Ben, Kim Anh, and Allen were in restaurant show bar.

Luigy runs CEDROCK’s
he is colombiano
living in panamá
has visited brazil
speaks english
invites us to his open mic on thursdays
and tell us we can do shows there
he’s the shit
we coming back

While avoiding elephants Adam peeped me his writing idea from reading Junot Diaz book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Imma have him come on here telling you the idea tomorrow. Its dope. I love him.
After the rain slowed,
we opened umbrellas and began to do our “tour”.
Philly was the guía.

for this part
I don’t have enough words
it’s a had to breathe there thing

the US is effed up tho
and its messed up I capitalized it
tell you that much
Philly knowledged us on plenty stuff that has gone down
he’s the best
here’s some story line:
Mad art
that was temporary
because it was done on this siding for a construction site

Horses and Kangaroos

Thought this was ill.
Check the detail.
We agreed he actually looks cute here.
(in this photo)
See that tallest building
its not even done yet.
Matter fact, half that skyline is abandoned buildings,
left in midst of construction.
Lil Snow over there.
Our first time seeing the ocean while here.
The water was bathwater warm.
Swear it.
There was this old building on the coast, abandoned, mansion,
we imagined what it was.

I like these. We don't have many.
La vida es un juego que solo los locos engaña.

What you think this means?
It actually says Salida. Don't get too excited.

Huge empty pool.

La miseria nunca termina.
See that in the center. That's the bridge of the Americas.
Links central to South America.
He was not peeing.
That solo flag is from the political party that lost this recent election.
It was amazing. Really.

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