Sunday, September 6, 2009


So this past week we got all our crap figured out for school. We got classes and everythang like that. Its been a journey let me tell you that. We will be attending three different universities to ensure that we can each take classes that apply to our majors or requirements we need. The three universities are..........................(drumroll please).......... lol
USMA - Universidad Catolica Santa Maria la Antigua
Latina - Universidad Latina de Panama
and this tight one Ceci at that i don't know the name of but its an ART INSTITUTE and she only had the bestest things to say about her first class which consisted of the weirdest art lovers that meowed with her in the lunch room for who knows what reasons...point being she loved it! lol

Some of us already started our classes but other folks gon be havin they first days this week. Dom, Danez, Kim, Kelsey, Sofia and myself going to Latina and Ben, Jair, Allen, Adam going to USMA.

Im takin a Sociology course wit Kelsey and then a History of Panama course. My classes are Friday one after another. They meet once a week but they reeeal long over 2 hrs. each one. Its interesting. I promise that. I think I actually realized the depth of the privilege present at UW. We have over 4,000 courses taught per semester and offer who knows how many majors. Here at the Universities we're attending there are limited majors that made it a little difficult for those of us who are majoring in for example theatre, social work, education, spanish (lol, i know right, thought it was sweet cuz we in a spanish speaking country BUT thats like us having some english courses just chillin @ UW not as ESL), even my major LACIS (and my major is this country).
LACIS = Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies btw.

The other courses we all taking while being here are classes with only us FWers in them. FW hired professors for us for these courses which include Plants and Man (a biology credit), Statistics (QRb credit) and an Afro-Panamanian course (idk what credit...for me it'll be for my major hopefully). These are courses offered to us but are not mandatory. It's tight to have these because they are being taught from UW syllabi and will not be study abroad credit but straight like we was takin the course @ UW. In addition to these course there is the opportunity for us to take for credit, an internship of our choice. Some folks will be taking theirs for 6 credits...others for 3. I will unfortunately not be doing an internship...But man are there going to be some great things for internships. Philly is a G and knows everyone and they momma up in Panama. He interned with a previous president of Panama; Mireya Moscoso, the first female president of Panama. SO he has all the connects. Good thing for us he loves and told us we're like his children; when we upset he be tryna beat up what made us cry. lol.
So thats FW Academics in a small type of nutshell. Any questions?

The beginning of Week 7 now huh? Crazy. It doesn't seem like we've been gon that long. 7 weeks is almost like 8 which is almost like 2 months. And that is like half a semester. DANG!

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  1. DANG ya been gone for a minute! i miss ya so much and i am so glad u are keeping me updated i feel like im right there with ya!

    (on a dif comp)