Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Sunday the 22nd of Noviembre we celebrated the completion of 20 years of life for a very special
Jair Alvarez.
He is now 21.
What'd we do?
Well, all the women folks and Jair went to the shop. The beauty one. We got some nails done and some did toes and some call that manicure and pedicures. But, don't be fooled. This was Jairs idea. I think he only invited us so he wouldn't have to go alone and feel bastante feminine. Naw, he loves us. And we loves him. And to be real it was pretty tight. Its mad cheap here. For a manicure and pedicure it cost like $12 and for a hair wash, cut, and dry its like $8. Later on Saturday night, because we did all this Saturday, we had a lil fiesta at the crib and had some friends come over. It was fun; FW folks was the only ones dancin lol. Which follows our theory that Panamanians just dont b gettin like we do. Folks enjoyed themselves though and the night passed into his actual bday. On Sunday, after a long day of studying at Dunkin Donuts for this Stats test we just had hoy,
Sofia and I made a presentation:
"Here ye here ye, come all minions," we said.
Gathered in the outdoor room in the back of the crib
and read a homemade card to Jair
that wouldn't be anywhere near appropriate for this here ye blog.
Something about the things you can do when you are 21;
but, he was presented with
hersheys kisses,
a package of mini kittens,
and a pony on a stick
(i dont know what they actually called;
them things you pretend you a cowboy/girl on when u young).
It was a good laugh.
Made him blush.
And he got two real kisses from two beautiful women afterwards;
on the cheeks of course.
And thats how we did what we do when we dig.

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