Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So we (D-nast, Dom, Kelsey, Sofia, n I) went to Chiriqui this past week during our time off. We didn't have school for the week because Panama celebrates their independence. You 4th of July for us, right. But, they get a week cuz they tighter. So Chiriqui was a 7 hr. busride away. We was invited by a bboy we know that also in Sofia and Kelsey crew. He nos invited to stay wit his fam...he originally from there. So we made the trip, trekin it. And it was more than beautiful. More than anything we expected and too much to exhale into story. With that said know that these pics do not accurately rep what we was doin because the majority of the time I was too busy having the best week of my life and couldn't remember to take a foto. We don went swimmin in rivers, seen the parade of our lives, subimos a mountain, hiking like a mug basically; in flip flops; country as a mug, crossed a ragin river and a creaky homemade bridge, ate too many plates at $2 a meal, seen a beautiful valle where rich folk are selling and to more rich folk, and MORE.
So please enjoy a little of the window into our journey; viaje if you will.
off to Chiriqui Mega super gettin it Bus double deckin view
sleepin a**es
Rodolfo crib we stayed @ wit his fam
the view they wake up to every mornin
gotta throw one in of the cutie
i like this 1
the desfile we went to celebratin Panamaian independence
let me tell you. Panama knows how to do a parade. this crap was the whole ENTIRE day from noon until the NIGHT and afterwards across the street everyone came to dance it up @ the discoteca. shooooot. US parades like 4th of July dnt got NEthing on Panama.