Monday, December 14, 2009

Pretty much everyone through with finals, except ME, of course...not funny. We got Kelsey and Danez finishin up tomorrow actually and I would be finishin up Wednesday BUT we finna get the opportunity to go work with one of the indigenous groups the Embera. Philly said we gon perform or do a lil something something. We'll see what goes down. I talked to my profe and told him about it and Imma be taking my exam this Friday. The foto above is just one I snatched of the world wide web of three Embera childrens. This indigenous group is the largest in population of the 5 groups here en Panama.

And if you ever watched MTV Exiled - the show where they take the kids from Sweet Sixteen and try and send em, change em, brake em, watever, in another culture....This Cher from episode 9. She was placed right here en Panama with the Embera. We watched it. It was weird. But all the Exiled shows are weird because they only stay a week and we don't think that's enough time to "change" somebody.

Got you after the trip.

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