Monday, December 7, 2009

FW in the STUDIO

yo. wats good two weeks until we on a plane. so aside from the fact that there are too many things going on right now for our lives to be healthy i wanted to get yall a lil update. aight so right now me n ceci, dom n blaire are up in the computer lab of the Universidad de Tecnologica de Panama. its ac but not freezin; much appreciated comp lab, much appreciated. so outside it is muEFFIN, or rather muffin, HOT-- i mean scorchin like dom said she just cant be fresh over here cuz the minute she walk outside she sweatin bullets (yea thought u wouldnt hear that frase again huh). But, im sayin...this pose to be the dry season coming on. And it is. It be raining less. Like before it would be every day but now its bout everyother or sumthing like 5 minutes instead of 2 hours. We lovin it. AND it be more breezy nowadays.

aight soo, this week and last we got finals going on. this mean papers, presentations, exams, making sure we got all our work in, projects, the whole dang caboodle-noodle. right so we got that good school academic component BUT then check it...we also got this ole artistic thing we do which means... Yea. you guessed it. or maybe not. but ill tell u anyway, we writing and producin another show. we running low on time tho so its stressin a lil. BUT (yes another) its ill cuz the show lookin pretty man ill hot dope n watnot. im hype. you should be hype. but u should also be jealous because you aint here to see it PLUS its prolly cold wherever u at. haHA.

aiight another lil tid pineapple bite; we got two reggaton mas hip hop tracks RECORDED.

who, watchu talkin bout FW cohort numero uno up in FW!?
reggaeton mas hip hop?! u oc

tis true my fellow fellowers. we FW cohort numero uno panama version 45678.28765 aka 1 just got through recording these 2 lil fly tracks. We got two tracks meaning TWO GROUPS:

Kim Anh

u already know im finna get um to u asap. matter fact why not do it right now. good idea.

Check it out one time, twice, thrice for the spice.

"PELEA" - Grupo Uno


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  1. Ahhhhh! I'm having trouble downloading!!! :(((((( I want to listen 2!
    hmmmmmmmmm....I'm a figure it out.

    Love you all supadupa deep.