Saturday, May 29, 2010

Too much is going on.

Sofia Snow and Kelsey Van Ert are now home in the United States of America. Dominique Chestand and I have moved in with our friends and will be on a plane June 12th headed to the U.S.

I now live in a home with a mom. It's weird because this whole time we have been living with eachother = other students/FWers/young adults. I am now in a home though. I feel home a little bit. Don't get to comfortable Alida.

Anyways, hoy I went to Los Andes shopping center with Yanneth (momma). She wanted to buy me sandalias as a going away gift but, I didn't pick any out. I don't need going away gifts. They are a beautiful thought. But, I would be fine with a hug, or a look into some eyes. She said she will get me some before I leave. "Te vas a ver." After that we went to El Costo which is a department store type of deal and I was looking at jeans. Now, I'm going to tell you some honest truth. There are not many pairs of pants in this country that are not BEDAZZLED! They either got metal shapes, fake crystals, glitter, or a combination of all three somewhere on the dang pantalones. Just when I think I find a good pair of jeans I turn them to the back to give em the ultimate test and NONE EVER PASS!! I always find some dang sparkling silvers or golds embroidering the butt pockets.

Today I must have got lucky because you see, I found a pair of jeans that was fly on the front. And when I gave em the test there wasn't any glitter to be found. I ran em to the changing room and they fit! Well, that's a lie. They almost fit me. And I woulda bought em too. The thing was that my posterior was not comfortable in those particular pantalon. I know, I know! I thought I was in a country of like-behinded people too! Well, that just goes to show... What does it show exactly?! I don't know, I'm just messing with ya. I -- aw here it goes, I was reminded why I never bought any clothes here the entire year! Shoo...

P.S. I love Panama despite their bedazzledness.

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