Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is the post for HOY
meaning yesterday
like Thursday.

Today we didn't have school.
But we do tomorrow
Meaning hoy


We woke up late.
Watched a movie all together in the living room.

I went grocery shopping with Ceci.
She owes me $9.
Dont let me forget.
I prolly will,
the tight part is that's okay. I slept some more on the couch while there was another movie going.

Philly brought a barber.
The boys got they hairs cut.
Danez cut some FRO! Lil cute fade going on.

We had a house meeting about buying food together.
Like a co-op.
Awww big happy family.
Hope this brings more ease than argument.

AND this is where i mention ADAM because he said I don't mention him enough.
Adam think he cute now that he got his hairs cutted.
He is big.
And cool.
And cute
I guess.
There you go ADAM.
Love ya.

Tell ME this isn't the CUTEST lil Philly ever.
Philly son.

BIG Philly

LIL Philly


AND THIS is how Jair feels about life.

And how Kelsey feels about him feeling like that

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