Friday, July 31, 2009


I don’t know how to say this. I am realizing the beauty of being here. The blessing of this all. And it’s only been a week. I've never been really excited to go places. I've trained myself to not get too excited because something could go wrong. Don't expect just live. I'm doing all right with my philosophy. But, now i'm feeling the weight of this opportunity. When we went to Cuernavaca with FW and we were there for 3 weeks I didn’t feel this comfortable. There’s something about this place. I’m telling you. I feel alright, being. Just being, here. I think I see how Philly studied here, fell in love, found his wife, and couldn’t leave. I’m not looking for no husband now, but I wouldn’t mind falling in love, with being.

Today we had school, as usual. Then after we hopped on a 25 cent bus and went to another part of the campus. We got to see the facultades de arte, teatro, danza, y música. Cecilia fell in love. I almost changed my major. There was an art exhibition throughout the hallways. We almost had to buy a piece. After today I realized I’m not scared to take clases en español or without FWers. I want to come back fluent.

And I will.

This decorated the outside walls of a building.

The Domo.

We saw the DOMO today. The dome theatre they have on campus. You will not believe how perfect it is. We started spitting old poems from shows and ran back and forth across the stage too many times. We found a back passage way and projected our voices.

Look @ that. Brand new seats.

Covered by someones grandma said We.

We admit.

We're a little rusty @ our distillations.


So the other day Danez and I made a hook and wrote some verses. My first time ever. I had Adam look over it and help me revise it. I love my fam. So you know, look out for that coming soon to some ears near you.

Today after school and tour we came back to the crib. Rested. Then we went out to the movies. Well, not all of us but Sofia, Kelsey, Cecilia, Adam, Blaire, Danez, Dominique, and myself. We saw Ice Age 3. Or rather, Edad de Hielo 3. It was in Spanish with voiceovers. I leaned over to Adam during the movie and said that people who have to listen to voiceovers are deprived of what the real actors’ voices sound like. Whatchu think? That movie is ill by the way. Cómica. Y cute también. So, go see it. But en español. After the movie on the way out the mall we saw a bat. A freakin bat just chillin flying in the mall by Blaire shoulder and stuff.

Currently jus kickin it.

And cakin it.

And sleepin it.


Mira que WOW.
Look how far we’ve come. From freshmen in SCE; meeting each other less than 24 hours before the rest of SCE arrived and having people not believe us when they asked us how long we’d known each other. To plane rides to other countries like México or Panamá. We done wrote poems about not liking each other and got too many to count about being family. We are living in a house, in another country, together. We’ve already had our arguments and reconciliations and it’s only been a week. I cannot, literally can not, imagine where I would be at this exact moment if I had never joined First Wave. I am in the perfect moment. Constantly. You can’t ask for more than that.

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  1. so true! i love your recollection of FW, it has been something one can only experience in a "moment".
    thank you FW STAFF