Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aguirreche. I get rachid.

panaderia bunch
my chicken was dry
i asked for ketchup
we pay
wait for our change
we bring Ramón more income

when we walked passed
he came out and spoke with us
patted Sofia Kelsey and Blaire’s head
shook Adam’s hand
then Danez bowed his head
he wanted a pat too


today Philly told me Ramón
told him about yesterday
he was blessing us

So UP has different campuses. Kinda like how we have engineering campus and etc. So today we got to go to the art campus, I don’t know what it’s actually called, but it houses music, art, dance, theatre. Anyways, we got to sit in on a dance class. Ayer we met the director of the dance department so she invited us hoy. She was teaching the class. Shes amazing. I think we will love her. The class was so ill tho. And the profe said she teaches a class everyday @ 2pm so we are going to GO. Well, probably Danez, Sofia, and I...maybe more.

We got to meet plenty dancers and see what they were working on. Clara speaks English. She lived in Canada for two years when she was ten and after that she was in a bilingual school in Panamá. We met Maria Teresa, Helly, Moises, Paul, Hector, Jose, Itza, Angel, Dani. I can’t wait to work with them. Kelsey, Sofia, and Dom got the hook up with breakers and where they be practicing. Tomorrow: some park. Sofia and Danez did a little African dance, Danez did a piece while Kelsey warmed up and the Kelsey did a piece with breaking in it. They clapped. We don’t know what they understood.

When we went there Ceci ended up taking a bus by herself. We were all there. We tried to call her but she had forgotten her phone at the crib. 20 or more minutes later she came in. Told me she had forgotten to tell the bus driver the stop she wanted so he passed it. She was freaking out but it did a giant loop and when it was somewhere familiar she got off and hopped on the next one across the street going in the direction she needed. Then she told the driver la parada de la Universidad, del domo, si? He understood. She got off where needed and found her family.

We went to Albrook after dance class. Albrook is the mall. We ate. I was looking for a soccer ball because by the art campus, which is what im calling it, there is a track and soccer field. The track is tore up but grass is grass. The soccer balls were $15 at one store. Adidas. Real. And Nice. Imma have to go back and get one tomorrow, today I only had a 10. In the US the same pelotas would be $25-40. After the mall we were supposed to go to a Freestyle Battle but it was far and we didn’t have enough money for food, taxi, entry fee, etc. We hope there will be another. Instead of leaving and taking a taxi, we took the bus home from the mall. Ceci knew just the one to take; she had done the loop so she was familiar with the route. She said she feels real comfortable here; the bus thing helped that too. SEE, look @ us! So…we hopped on Transistmica/Directo. Missed our stop on the way home but got off on the next one. Walked home.

Dom fried some eggplant. She be suffering here because EVERYWHERE they just be serving rice and chicken. She a veggie head. She came in our room a minute ago with some eggplant and rice. We tried it. It was good. New taste, but good. Then I had her put some rice in my hand and it burned my life. I was screamin crazy. Blaire and Danez and Dom crackin up. I’m good now.

Tomorrow we’re having a barbecue.

I'm trying to get up early. Yet every night I go to bed later than I need to be. Danez and I want to go to the field in the morning. The one with the track. We'll see if that happens.

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