Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My mom and sister! Skype foto. YAY!
I miss you two.
its raining
real hard
like sounds like candies falling from the machine
sometimes louder
than others

We had school today. Our profe didn't give us any tarea. Well, the other group got some but mine didn't. I wish I could've had some. I know, sounds strange. I want homework. But I want to practice.

Lunch was amazing today.
cabage salad that Kim said they eat in Vietnam too
and a vanilla tasting platano maduro]
I think I like tostones best.
Thin ones.
The [juice] today was good too.
What does that mean?

We met another important dude today. Head of another big ole thing at our school. He had a painting of a woman in a swimsuit all up on a tree on the beach, in his oficina. He asked us if he liked it, it was from Cuba. My mouth slipped, whisper, now imma have to write a poem about misogyny. I didnt get what our response was supposed to be. He is the head of a department that fights for the rights of workers and students and etc como asi. I don't all the way understand it right now but he made it a point to show us fotos of his marches that closed streets and etc. It was tight. Another man asked us what we do to fight for rights. Asked if we close streets, like them. I thought, do we have the same passion.

we fight
like pride on the move
and holding change accountable
for people to notice us
and keep their promises
we are a tired peoples
sometimes sleeping
they tell me here they close streets
like they are always in la lucha
we are too
but wheres
the passion

He had us take a picture with him in front of the mural of a march. Arturo is our school director. He knows everyone on campus, a popular faculty member. He showed us his dad in the mural. This is my father.

Arturo had us try this thing called a pigby (pig-bee)
It was a strange cross between a potato, squash, and tomatoe
Or a really dry sweet potato said Dom
or just nasty lil ball of
trying new things is easy
hard to finish them tho
Did i tell you the bus costs a lil 25 cents.
A freaking quarter.
That's encouraging.
The cars here are aaaallllll expensive.
Used cars like new cars prices.
Does this mean there is less pollution.
On my way home a car had smoke coming from the muffler.

Our directors are coming over to have dinner with us. They are going to be like our Chris Walkers abroad. Heard they were amazing. By the way for anyone who doesn't know who Chris Walker is he is First Wave's artist director. Tall, dancer dude with dreds, eats steam and magic for meals.

time has passed

They just left. They are soooooooooooooo beautiful and soooooooooooo FLY! Carrie has crazy dreds; like tighter than Chris', didn't think that was possible (don't tell him i said that). And Genine ( I don't know how to spell her name) is amazingly funny. She left and brought her 2 yr. old lil girl back. BB. Shes is too adorable.
**I couldn't hear my mom and sister when we were on Skype because their mic didn't work. It was cute though. I could see their faces and smiles and laughes. I don't think we know it now...but soon...we will miss our families. A lot.
A lot.

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