Saturday, July 25, 2009


Bienvenido a Panama!!

AYER Friday July 24th, 2009

We got in. I arrived with Ben and Allen and Adam around 7pm. We went to a place called Jap Jap. It was like a dope version of KFC. But they told us they were out of chicken. Then Philly told us once he was at the gas station and they told him they were out of gas.

Sofia, Danez, Blaire, Kelsey, Jair came in the next batch.

Last night we were missing three family members. Cecilia, Dominique, and Kim Anh. But they came in hoy.


Might be saying that a lot this year.
We woke: floated across the street to the PANADERIA and had breakfast for $2. Fry bread, salchicha and pina naranja juice. Shoot. That even beats dollar menu @ McDonalds. By the way they also have a McDonalds...with a 99 cent menu. Don't know how i feel about that.

We learned YEYE means boo-shie (I do not know how to spell that).
We gon be using that often.

We kicked it: at the crib.

The last ladies got here: Ceci, Kim, and Dom. They missed the flight with me, Allen, Adam, and Ben ayer. Ceci told us they lost her luggage somehow. Sucks. But she was still looking fly.

We shopped: took 4 taxis to the lil shopping strip. There was a dude selling perfume samples, broke watches, and CDs DVDs. I see Milwaukee up in here. Where the socks and waters at?
Jair looked at the side of the street where there was dark dirt brew and garbage. He said you wanna know how you tell a third world country.

Sofia, Dom, and I bought things for our room. Hamper. Hand towel. The soap dish cost 35 cent. This stuff would have been more than $2 back home. Wonder where it was made.

Cuadernos here cost a lot. Just like home.

At the store today Sofia asked for an extra plastic bad and the lady said she didn't need it. Philly (our Panama program coordinator) told us that was our first lesson in customer assisstance.
We went to eat: had dinner and a show. I ordered the spinach stuffed chicken. It was okay. Blaire and Ben ordered caribbean style fish. They brought out a brown crisp fish on a plate. Blaire and Ben looked crazy at each other. Told us it was good. The show began. Drumming and guitaring and dancing. Folklorico. It was dope. At the end the dancers brought audience members up to dance and of course...Danez acted shy and bashful but hopped up on stage and was the hit of the night. Someone asked afterwards where he was from...hoping for DR or perhaps Cuba...but the Estados Unidos was his dissapointing answer.

After that we came home. Brushed teeth. Crawled in bed.

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