Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is a good neighborhood. When will we see the bad ones.

Hoy, Domingo, hacia mucho calor.
Some people went to Sam's club with Philly to get storage units and stuff for the house. Others stayed here because we couldn't fit in the car.

We went to the panaderia across the calle and got desayuno.
Ramon lives near. He owns the place. Makes amazing baked goods and such.
Empanadas = bomb.
Desayuno too!
We introduced ourselves.

We say

He say
China? (not pronounced like the country)
Dominicano? You have familia in Africa?
That's a common name en Panama

After that, Danez, Dom, Kelsey, and I marched to the atm to take out THE biggest amount of money we own. It was about $200...with a $3 service fee and a % fee of what we took out. Basically, they tax crazy if you try to live life in a place you not from. Is this discouraging traveling. On our way there we saw a building all tagged up with artwork. They sell music stuff. We decided we needed to come back and ask where all the tight places are at and where the music hook ups are.

The trash cans here are like metal cross hatched bins standing on poles. We find them out front of the houses and businesses. Garbage on a stick. Try it deep fried.

The ATMs here are in little rooms.

Afterwards we sat outside it on the curb. We probably looked like we were about to rob the next person who walked up. Danez said we prolly looked like real panamanians.
We decided we eventually need to find a kick it spot - a place where we can sit outside in a public area and act like fools. Its not as foolish as it sounds.

Unpacking when folks came back with storage was too long. Hours to take ou clothes from a suitcase is not cool.

For dinner we went to JAP JAP. Nice lil Chicken place round the corner. Full lil chicken for $6. Half for 2 something. That, a side or arroz, and corn on a stick for like $5. Dom ate some of Danez mashed papas and white rice but she a lil veggie head tarian so not much for her. The whole time we were there there was this lil black bird prancing around. Must have been Jap Jap.
On the T.V. they were talking about grandparents. Dia de los abuelos? The Chimichurri salsa was good on the chicken. Better here than that Brazilian place off State st. The way it should be.

Then we wandered to the grocery store. Tried to guess the milk colors, find jam, weigh peaches and plums. Buy the off brand cheap cereal like at home, talk in too much english, practice reading foods in spanish. We have a $30-$40 stipend a week for food. But we only have 2 fridges. 12 people. Hungry people. With food that has to fit in 2 fridges.

Right now our cabinet space is filled with toilet paper. From Sams club. We got air freshner too.

Danez, Blaire, and I made a music video recorded by Sofizzle Snow. It was silly dumb. Part of Danezs upcoming album IG'NINT.

When we walk past ppl we say Buena. They say it back. or don't.

Maybe they'll say it first soon.

Got to get up @ 6AM to shower and be ready by 7 to go to class.
Woot Woot!

Alright Panama. Here we go.

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