Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Break it up

YO so I forgot to tell yall about our aventura on Sunday.

So yes we had a bbq and celebrations BUT before that Dom, Kelsey, Sofia and I had went to Parque Omar to meet up with some breakers. Kelsey and Sofia wanted to get some practice in. Dom, was probably dying on the side because she is currently broken and on a muleta so she couldn’t participate. And why did I go. Shoooooooot, why not. I would love to learn to break but I have two tore up knees from soccer. I just love new.

We knew about the practice from Hector who we met Saturday at the dance class. He greeted us and introduced us to everybody. We met Milena, Abdiel, Arnold, Shirley, Tony, and Eddie. Dom and I talked with Milena the whole time. She is a bgirl but just beginning. We talked about her boyfriend who is also a bboy. Arnold. He’s teaching her. I talked about mine. She shared her crafts with me; had Arnold hand her her purse, pulled out a tin. She makes bands and attaches them to watches, she makes purses, necklaces, earrings. I told her how lovely. She told me about growing up with her mom then stepdad. About how she’s on her own now and enjoys it. I thought about growing up without my father. Thought about moving around a lot with ma. Milena’s birthday is this month and she invited us to her party. She will be 28. But she looks 23. I told her and Arnold about First Wave and what we do. Arnold’s face looked like wow the whole time. I told them about how there will be people like us here from now on every year. Essentially that is what we are doing. An intercambio that never leaves. Pues, I told him about how we want to make a similar study abroad program for Panamanian students to study en USA. He is 20. Imagine First Wave receiving applications from other countries.

Now what, WISCONSIN!

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  1. that would be stupid tight to set up a program like that. Let's get it.

    I'm glad you told her that I was your boyfriend and talked about me a little, I appreciate that.