Sunday, August 2, 2009


Home slice of the cake we ate this night. You the pollo!
They not ready Blaire they not ready!!!

So we gon do this a little differently. You will see a series of photos but in reverse of the order in which they were taken. SO, the last are the firsts. We got this. C'mon.

So as you should know Blaire, Cecilia and Danez have their b-days this week. We had a lil celebration cook-out for them tonight and it was brilliant. We had cake and lil babies and styrofoam plates. All you need for a bbq. You know.

Anywho, this was our day.

Lil Mama Mara.
Arturo's hija.
Can do what she want.
Danez a fool. He gon try n put frosting on my face. So, I handled mine.
Ceci and I had an idea to cut the plates in half to use less.
No one went for it.
She killt the cake. Twice.
Arturo's esposa Itzal (?) made the chimichurri.
The salsa for the Yuca.
You know he's crazy.
Adam was tryna steal some comida b4 we had eaten.
See he's big. So he uses that as an excuse for his hunger and lack of patience.
He doesn't even fit in the foto!
Dom made this BOMB cream of carrot sopa.
It took THE longest but it was lovely.
AND everyone ate it all up.
"Take a picture of this!"
Cleaveland has the skills with the Yuca!
Blaire and Kelsey we're G's.
This is Yuca. A root that folks cook and eat.
Its literally a ROOT.
Sooooooo... it was a workout to prepare.
Blaire yelled at me and made me help.
I love her.
Jair and Kim Anh think they cute.
Kim was getting it with the skewers and how do you say...
Sofia and Philly were marinaaaading and seasoooooning the meats.
See that bucket. That's how you know we don't play.


sofia is twirling with mara in the space
we cleared in the living room
adam just walked past
dropped a paper particle

there is a barbecue sauce here
made with hunt’s hickory and honey barbecue
coca cola and beer

wash your chicken in it
shit good

dom is still cooking (her cream of carrot soup
needs something) ? she asks me

philly walked in on me
waving my hands in the air
he laughs
me too

jair is real gangsta
with his saggy pants
and flip flops
j dilla beat comin on now
everybody say.

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  1. yuca!!!
    thats what i ate in Brazil, its literally a ROOT that depending on how u cook it reminds me of potatoes. but better! they call it i-ping, and they fried them, it was so delicioso!