Thursday, August 6, 2009

Danny Calden

Today we met this dude who does theatre here and all over the world. He is a major figure in theatre here; well connected with artists and musicians. His parents are from Jamaica and Barbados. I thought that was ill. In short, he does teatro de la comunidad, con los indígenas, con los niños, people with HIV, etc. Social justice oriented; addresses racism and prejudice here en Panamá. He was the FIRST to tell us that racism exists here. And he schooled us about racism in Panamanian history in like ten minutes. We said finally, someone telling the truth! He said there is much conflict between black folks here. There are those that were brought from España, who were simply pre-trained on how to be "good slaves", and those brought straight from Africa. People clash because those from Spain think they are better since they arrived first and historically have an air of dislike towards those brought from Africa. Irony. They all had to build the canal.

"An artist not worried about where he goes with his art but who his art brings him to." -Kim Anh

He gets people on their feet instead of standing only on his. He has been doing this for years. Has traveled to more countrys than I knew existed. He´s a great soul. Older dude. Wise figure. A traveling man. He has a complete theatrical show without
any words; all movement. Shoot. I´m tryna get on his level. So we met him hoy because we are supposed to be working with him asap. We introduced ourselves. Nombres y carreras. He asked us what we want to do. We had a hard time formulating this; we want anything he can offer really. We want everything, as long as we can give and not just take. I know that I want to fuse art, community, and activism through working with him. But, how vague is that!?

Ceci said developing costumes, sets, and backdrop for possible short 20 minute shows we can easily travel with.

We also said to participate in any current work he has. Projects. Anything. He mentioned a show we can get involved in. We said would we have to audition. He said "no, i don´t believe anyone person is better than another; singing, acting," we should all be included if it is so desired.

We are to brew and marinate on our introduction. We are thinking...make this work with him service-learning crédito. Plug. But where are we sincerely going to take this gigantenormous opportunity¿ (yea you like the upside down ? mark)

Any ideas¿

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