Friday, August 7, 2009

La Prensa - (check the link on the right sidebar)

Hola this is Kelsey... hoy nothing much happened pero Alida asked me to write about the News Paper I read here today después de nuetras clases. Ok... so that paper is called "La Prensa" and let me tell you... they shit on every U.S.A paper ever made... why is that? Because they tell the F'in truth!!!! The articles are non-biased (like for real non-biased)

For example I read this article about the Isreal vs. Palestine conflict... So you know how the US makes Isreal seem like the victim in this situation since we always here about Palestinians bombing Isreal without any reason why. As if anyone reacts violently without reason... Ok so there was a bombing of a barrion en Isreal right.... This is why... Isreal kicked out 2 Palestinian families (53 members total) out of their homes with nowhere to go... this is not uncommon... because Palestine is not supported any way (especially financially) Palestine has less reasources which is why, when they react violently it is because of gorrilla style bombings... NOW I DO NOT FEEL LIKE IT IS THE WAY TO DEAL WITH ANY ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love that I now know more about this issue!!!!

Ok NEXT!!!
War on drugs in Mexico.... 14,000 people have been murdered in Mexico over the drug war since 2006... and they actually put a picture of a drugwar victim in the picture... not no highschool snapshot... but the dudes dead body... chew on that.

Ok, a Panamá issue
(my last point I promise you)
THESE SCARY BUSSES!!!!!!! Ok, so the busses here, like public city busses, are basically rejected school busses that are deamed "unsafe" in the USA and Panamá buys these busses for their public transportation... now I ride them they kinda cool like the busdrivers put rims and sound systems in them and they paint them all sorts of colors its kinda dope only... they have been catching on fire and ending up in ditches... WHY?? Becuase they were messed up from jump... so, I read an article about a bus that went out of control and ended up in a ditch and two young people died and 52 passengers where injured... after this I read an Opinion article right, and it was about these problems and how the government said that they were going to stop buying these busses from the US or EEUU (en español) but they haven't yet... my personal question is... WHY IS THE US SELLING THESE BUSSES IF THEY KNOW THEY fucked UP!!!!!!!

Our director, Philly, was talking about how the government should impliment some public transportation laws.... I agree they should implement some traffic and pedestrian laws... but that is another story...

Our director also said that the paper was corrupt and owned my wealthy conservatives that have connects with the columbian mafia... but this is one of the realest papers I have ever read aside from the BBC he also made a point that all major papers are corrupt and baised to a certain extent... I don't know all of the politics of this paper. I obviously have a lot to learn still about this country and the world outside our box called the US... but these articles have given me more information and different perspectives about issues that I have never ever read in any US paper...

Thanks for your time...

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