Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today we embarked on our paradise trip to Portobelo. It was one of those trips where we should have left at like 6am and stopped at the grocery store and arrived by like 9 or 10. But, we are 12 people. So we left around 10am, stopped to get snacks for the trip, then got on the highway.
Cleveland and Marta came with us. They are the best. Cleveland helped with the beginning beginning connects here en Panamá so he's fam.
Manuel was our bus driver.
See that out the window. That's the freaking jungle!
The tolls be taxin. $4.50, $5.50. The highways here are built with foreign money.
The road was cut right through the earth. So there are people working that cut and slant them so that they do not fall onto the road. It was strange to see, but it makes so much sense. When we looked out the window there was the earth cut into layers with cement covering parts to drain away the rainfall.
"Carini-Green don't got nothing on this place" - Philly
These apartments, or rather, boxes, house hundreds of people. They are rusty, broken, and decrepit.
If we paint with beautiful colors we can bring life to our community. Make beauty of all things. For they are all beautiful.
When we got to Portobelo we ate.
We ALL swear (except Sofia, she don't swear) that the meal we ate there was THE best since we've been in Panamá. We had fish or chicken. It cam with coconut rice, ensalada, and patacones. Tostones here are called patacones. Tostones are fried flattened plantains.
Coca-cola be everywhere. Crazy.
soda in glass bottles
return to counter after use
use straw
In the church in Portobelo they have Cristo Negro. Black Christ. Arturo said the story behind it was that 400-500 years ago, there was a shipwreck off the coast of Portobelo. Everything was destroyed but this black Jesus. He floated up onto the shore, perfectly preserved and WITH the cross on his baack. He's considered a miracle and is housed here in this church in Portobelo. Arturo says he thinks He keeps the inescapable peace of Portobelo.
Bout to go to the island.
Murals on the way to the boat. Outside the house of an art studio. Water Godesses?
Yea boat!
WITH the nerdy life-jackets.
Gettin BIG Philly in that mug. He thought he was gon make it rock. But the boat harldy moved when he got in.
I'm still mad Allen thought he was too G. No jacket. Yet he THE lightest!
The coast.
We got to the island and the BEACH.
I suppose the following section is the D-NASTY section:
Had to do the stereotypical foto.
Yes, that's watermelon.
They each had a baby.

The rarest of peacock.
Record this in history. Adam. Soccer.
We used coconuts for goals. How hype is that.
She wasn't the cheerleader. More like the G who stole this picture.
I be trying to catch Blaire off guard but somehow she always find her way into a cute pose before the camera clicks.
Yes, that is a mono. We saw a flippin monkey. THAT'S how serious we are abut living life! This was right next to where we had all our stuff on the playa.
On the boat ride back it started raining. So we were on a boat, getting splashed by the ocean; holding up our umbrellas avoiding the sky.

In short, like Sofia, We went to paradise, stayed for a bit, then had to come home.

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