Monday, August 10, 2009

Parque Omar

We went back to Parque Omar. To break. Sofia and Kelsey was gettin it. Movin so fast you couldn't see em!

How you feel bout that?
Danez and Blaire came and took a nice lil walk in the park.

I went to play soccer. I saw a bunch of dudes playing but I was too nervous to ask if I could play. I wasn't nervous about the playing part. I practiced alone for a while. In the parque I found a soccer field of artificial grass surrounded by a fence. I wanna play there. When I went back to where Danez, Blaire, Sofia, Kelsey, and Dom were there was a youth group from a church that was in the same area. One boy came up and asked if we could get a game going.

Next thing there was two goals made by rocks and shoes and I had a team of four. Half the dudes were barefoot. Others in socks. One in dress shoes. Me in my cleats. The field was grass and clay and big giant rocks half sticking out the ground with half the field slanting into a gutter of concrete.
FW on the side rooting me on. The rest of the youth group on the side cheering. I slipped. I cut. I passed. Assist. GOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!! Pasa a la muchacha! Pasa a la muchacha! Sometimes they didn't. When they did, I was gettin it. I miss soccer. I miss pick-up. Miss barefoot and dirty feet, like sore muscles and sweat dripping into my eye; I will miss this too when its gone.

They always act surprised when a girl plays well. I never act surprised when they act surprised. Que es tu nombre, edad, Onalaska es tu equipo o que, de donde viene, hablas espaƱol. Alida, 19, it's from a second hand store, los estados unidos, i'm learning.

Gilberto asked for my number. To play another day. Who knows. If i'll step on their toes. Again.

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